The Richest Man in Babylon

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November 28, 2022

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I watched a video of a speaker who was delivering a talk in front of several thousand people, he said, “I’ve got three simple steps which will make you ALL an instant millionaire!”

As he started talking he made several observations…

…4/5ths of the audience weren’t even bothering to take notes as he suggested they buy a copy of The Richest Man In Babylon…

…that of the 1/5th of those that were taking note…

…perhaps only 1/5th of them would actually bother to but the book.

And of the 1/5th who would even buy the book only 1/4 would carry out his final instruction which was to, “Read the book 7 times and practice the 7 steps in the book.”

For the initiated (and good at maths) there’s your 1%.

- 1/5th Take Notes

- 1/5th Buy the Thing

- 1/4th Actually Do the Thing



- How many of you made a note of the book title?

- How many of you have just bought it?

- How many of you are going to read it?

- How many of you are going to implement the steps?

And finally...

How often have you paid for a book, course, coach, workshop and then never implemented a thing from it?

Stop wasting your money, and thinking that buying a "thing" is going to resolve the challenges you are facing in your business.

The challenge is internal and specific to you, it's not something external to you.

A course, coach, book, workshop, podcast, all these things will raise your awareness.

But if you're NOT PAYING ATTENTION to the insights you're learning and then FAIL TO IMPLEMENT based on the insights you get, then NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

By the way drop me an email to if you've just bought the book (and intend to implement what you learn from it).

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