The Secret to Obtaining the 5 Levels of Leadership

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October 19, 2022

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Whether you are a speaker who promotes your company's growth, or just someone who happened to become subjected to the topic of leadership, worry no more because this blog has got you covered. The jest of the article talks about the Five Levels of Leadership that quite accurately define any leader's growth. To discover the secret level, you will have to go beyond Maxwell's book and dive deeper into knowing how it works and what it means to us as Kingdom Driven Leaders.

5 Levels Of Leadership is a well-recognized classic book that adopts the best strategy to describe a leader's growth. Every individual leader's career is vital to a company's success and defines the organization's overall leadership as a whole. Maxwell's book talks about how every company starts from scratch, level one, positional leadership. Positional leadership is leadership by title or by default. And from there on, your leadership grows from positional into people development.

So How Does Leadership Work?

As you might have already guessed, your influence and how you execute it define how much your leadership grows. If your leadership is at the highest, meaning it has reached its pinnacle, then you will have maximum followers who follow in your lead. The fan following relies strongly on how much people appreciate what and how you represent yourself to them as a person.

You can detect such leadership levels at the beginning only, starting from leader to follower. These levels can get detected person to person and are more fluid at the start. And you must note that with every new hire, your leadership restarts from level one.

Leadership keynote speakers can never attain a level by default. You must earn that position for yourself and climb up or down from it over time based on how successful you are.

Understanding the 5 Levels of Leadership

We now have a basic understanding of what leadership is, and we must now dig a bit deeper into the 5 Levels of Leadership and how it can get compared to becoming a Kingdom Driven Leader.

Level 1

Positional Leadership

The form of leadership mentioned here only occurs by default. People follow in your footsteps based on your title without knowing anything else about you.

Keep reading the article to know how the speaker got his title or how he would work without a title at all at their first stage of positional leadership.

Level 2

Permission Leadership

Permission Leadership is level 2, where you lead others because they fancy you. Maxwell suggests that at this stage, you establish some rapport with your followers as they feel almost obliged to follow. The new motivation comes from the willingness to work together because a relationship gets formed. Some leaders from large-scale organizations often back out of building such effective connections because relationship-building often gets left behind in the process.

Now you might be wondering how leaders build such relationships. Let us continue reading to find that out.

Level 3


To build a strongly defined level three, you must make sure people follow you only because they genuinely believe in the mission and leadership that you have to offer. And if you were to ask an average person about their best career zone in their leadership career, this would probably be it. The third stage should be what you stay hopeful for, and that you might get by looking at high-level leaders, such as President. And at this point, you get a lot of the things done. Some people reach the pinnacle of their successful endeavors at this point, but you must keep going and looking towards future goals that bring greater fulfillment.

Level 4

People Development

If you reach level 4, it means that you have now successfully established connections with people who look up to you. You have given them a vision for growth and managed to impart something beyond the scope of just your company and its goals. You might not need to go head over heels to achieve such an impact since it could just be a path for growth that you communicated across to them. It could even be something as basic as additional education or income that could be life-changing to an individual.

Level 5


This leadership level differentiates from the others mentioned above because it talks about gaining a fan following because of what you represent, not what you deliver to the people. Becoming a pinnacle leader truly is a task because you need a certain level of influence to obtain it.

Every individual works at a different pace, but in most cases, it could take you a lifetime to achieve this level.

Last Thoughts

The article is a comprehensive insight into how leadership works, and you might feel surprised by the amount of effort that goes into building brands. You can click on your nearest leadership keynote websites to enlighten yourself further on the topic. Building a career is easier said than done, but continuous hustle can get you there.

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