The Ultimate Guide to Acquiring New Customers

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June 12, 2024

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

The future success of your business all comes down to your ability to gain new clients and retain them for the long haul. Returning customers means perpetual business and more revenue that will help you stay afloat. However, attracting new customers is easier said than done. The marketplace is saturated, and there is competition at every turn. If you aren’t careful, your sales funnel might run dry, leaving you with limited options to raise revenue for your establishment. Well, here are a few tips on acquiring new customers.

Highlight the benefits of the product or service

To some extent, your clients must understand the various features of your product. However, it wouldn’t be wise to focus on the product when attracting new clients. A better approach would be to consider their pain points and highlight the benefits your clients would enjoy after purchasing your product. Prospective clients are likely to become paying customers when you demonstrate that your product can scratch their itch.

Leverage content marketing

It would be pointless to market your social media pages and blogs if they have no content. According to recent research, content marketing costs 62% less than other forms of marketing and generates three times as many leads. Once your new customer stumbles upon a blog post you wrote or a helpful social media post, they are more likely to purchase from you. Therefore, it would be wise to consistently post fresh content on your pages to keep your brand relevant and show your prospects how passionate you are about the industry. 

Ensure you have a robust online presence

According to recent research, the average adult has at least seven social media accounts across various platforms. 97% of adults with considerable purchasing power log into their social media accounts at least once a month. Therefore, we guarantee you are missing out on a massive market if you are not on social media. However, it is not enough to create a profile on Facebook or Twitter and leave it at that. It would be wise to post regular content you know your audience will enjoy and engage in conversations about your niche.

Fine-tune your lead generation process

Many business owners can confirm that lead generation can be a hurdle to getting sales. You might spend hours generating leads that turn out to be disinterested in your product, irrelevant to your industry, or can’t decide where they stand in the sales funnel. The net effect is very few new clients and frustration because you cannot recover the time you lost. An excellent way to acquire new clients is to consider top lead generation services that take the tedium out of finding qualified leads for your business. Outsource to an agency with professionals that can take the load off your shoulders as you strive to raise the quality and quantity of your leads.

Display client reviews and testimonials

Keep in mind that any new client who encounters your business has never interacted with you. Therefore, they probably need much more convincing before they part with their hard-earned cash to buy your products. Social proof is an excellent way to demonstrate that your product does exactly what it should. New clients will also become less hesitant to convert to paying customers when they familiarise themselves with other people’s experiences with your brand.

Host contests and giveaways

We understand you might cringe at the prospect of giving away thousands of products for free. An excellent approach would be to run a monthly giveaway to contest winners. Once you have the logistics, all that’s left is to spread the word on all your platforms. We guarantee your clients and new visitors will be eager to participate in the contest, even though they might not win. Another approach would be to host a sweepstake, where you randomly choose a winner without needing them to participate in a contest or submit an entry. 

Consider deals and promotions

Everyone loves a good deal where they can pinch a few pennies, so improve the customer experience by doing this. Limited offers and promotions also make your clients feel special because they have access to something exclusive. You could run an email campaign and entice new subscribers to open their inboxes to gain access to a limited offer. On the other hand, you could also offer a discount on low-stock items when your customers make purchases over a certain threshold.

Wrapping up

As you continue attracting new clients, it would also help to look into effective customer retention strategies. Statistics reveal that the cost of acquiring a customer is five times more than retaining one. In addition, a 5% increase in customer retention could result in a whopping 25-95% increase in revenue for your business. Existing customers are also more likely to close a deal than clients who have never heard of you before. 

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