The Web Bitch

09 Jul 2018

Business relationships break down when you start treating experts as a "supplier" or worse still a cost centre.

An expert, professional or freelancer is there to provide the best advice for achieving your goals, not be told what to do by you.

They are a partner in your business and not a skivvy, dogs body or underling.

Think about how you treat "supplier" relationships versus how you treat "professional" relationships.

I remember the day I was introduced by a client to his colleagues as his "web bitch" - whilst meant as a joke...I laughed along with him and his buddies...and then fired him as a client that afternoon.

I looked at all of my clients within my old web business and realised that this is how many of them perceived us. My fault entirely, because I let them, and when I tried to change that they had a bit of a shock.

Be seen how you want to be seen, and behave how you want to be treated, and no matter what, stand up for what you believe in.

Client relationships change over time so don't make the mistake I made and forget to adapt. Continue to educate them and if they don't get it...move on!

Warm regards

Robin Waite

The Fearless Business Coach

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