Tips To Double Up Your Mobile App User Base In 2023

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December 13, 2022

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The number of mobile phone users has surged in the last decade, so businesses cannot undermine the value of mobile apps. You cannot depend only on a responsive website to tap the humongous consumer base using mobile devices. Investing in an app is non-negotiable, but a set-and-forget approach does not help. Every business owner must do their bit to grow their mobile app user base to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. But it is easier said than done amid the changing consumer habits, high user expectations, and fierce competition. While there is no magic formula to overcome these hurdles, you can embrace some proven tactics to maximise your reach. Let us share a few actionable tips to double up your mobile app user base in 2023.

Understand the app marketing cycle

The best way to grow your audience is by understanding the marketing cycle. You need to map a full-funnel strategy through each conversion stage on the channel. Essentially, the marketing cycle for mobile apps comprises acquisition, growth, and retention. You must master each stage to get the audience on board and make them stick for the long haul. Missing out on any part can slow you down.

Align on your key marketing metrics

Growing your mobile user base is also about defining and benchmarking the key marketing metrics. These include cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, conversion, and retention. The analytics enable you to evaluate whether audience growth is healthy. You must find ways to boost it if the numbers do not seem to be favourable. The sooner you do it, the better your chances of doubling your user base this New Year.

Ensure flawless performance

Making the mobile users stick takes more than following the marketing metrics. You must get back to the basics with a high-quality UX that comes from flawless performance. Invest in regular mobile testing to ensure that users enjoy every moment on the app. Address the bottlenecks without delay to prevent them from leaving because they may never return even after a single bad experience.

Ramp up your app store optimisation strategy

App store optimization boosts your app’s ranking, which makes it visible to the audience. They will likely choose your app over the competitors’ when they see it on top of the search results. You can easily get more downloads by ramping up your ASO strategy, so keep it on your New Year checklist. Check the essentials like listing, description, keywords, ratings and reviews, and the number of downloads. Optimise them to get sustainable rankings on app stores.

Rework SEO and website traffic

Surprisingly, the success of your mobile app links closely with your website. Reworking your SEO and website traffic can boost your mobile user base. When you bring users to your website, you generate brand awareness which increases the likelihood of app downloads. You can even send direct messages to subscribers for encouraging downloads. Either way, your website’s performance deserves to be the top priority.

Growing your mobile app user base can enhance your business, so it is worth the effort. The best part is that you can achieve the goal with these easy measures.

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