Top 4 Asian Yachting Destinations to Set up Your Rental Business

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May 24, 2024

Hey, fellas! Summer is here, and it is time to set foot outside the home. Have you planned anything? Where are you going? Beaches or mountains, anything?

Nothing, eh? Well, that’s a bummer. Don’t waste your summers, fellas. It is time to set up your yacht rental business. The aim of yacht rental is to provide a premium beach experience rather than a regular beach experience.  

Trust us! There is no better place than Asia, where you get to the best yachting destinations. The serene blue waters, warm beaches, and hospitable people are a sight that will linger till your death. Moreover, you can make a profit of over 90,000 USD, which is a great thing to make over the summer.  

Key Takeaways on Top Asian Yachting Destinations

  1. Andaman Sea: Known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning rock formations, it's a top yachting destination where rentals can earn over $65,000 per week.
  2. Indonesia: With 17,000 islands to explore, popular spots like Bali and Raja Ampat offer opportunities for deep-sea diving and island exploration, earning up to $1950 per day.
  3. Maldives: A prime honeymoon destination with over 1,100 islands, offering unique experiences like dolphin watching and luxurious sea cuisine, with potential earnings of up to $90,000 per week.
  4. South-Pacific: Featuring remote islands and exotic locations like Tahiti and Bora Bora, rentals here can bring in around $30,000 per week, offering a chance to explore largely untouched regions.
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Top Asian Yachting Destination to Visit this Summer  

Here are a few top places in Asia where you can visit with a yacht and enjoy your summers, as per the best yacht rental in Singapore:

Andaman Sea  

One of the most eye-catching places on earth is the Andaman Sea. You must have seen it in James Bond movies. It is a place where crystal clear blue waters seem to pour down from the fountains. Therefore, you can visit the land of smiles with your yacht and see Asia yourself.  

You can sail from Phang Nga Bay to Phuket on the east coast, where tourists will see turquoise waters and beautiful rock structures. Moreover, people can explore the untouched Andaman Islands to see the varied tropical climates and coconut trees. Lastly, you can tell them to do deep-sea diving to interact with various sea animals.  

Business Insights: Yacht rentals in the Andaman Sea can rack up to more than 65,000 USD per week. Hence, it is a good place to start your rental business.  


Indonesia is home to 17,000 islands. It will almost take a lifetime to see the whole country. However, you can take your yacht and travel to Bali to become Columbus and discover new islands. The unraveling beauty will surely captivate your mind for a long time.  

Moreover, you can sail to Raja Ampat to do some deep-sea diving and snorkeling. Later, turn the boat towards the Anambas Islands, where people can see the largest Komodo National Park and those wild animals. Just don’t get near them. Even their saliva has poison that can kill you.  

Business Insights: In Bali, you can make 1950 USD per day if you put your yacht up for rental with only 770 yachts around. So, it is perfect with less risk and more tourists involved.  


The Maldives is the prime destination for newlyweds who visit for their honeymoon. The country is home to over 1,100 islands with the best resorts and hospitality services. Therefore, take your yacht to see beautiful dolphins dancing around the lagoons and dive into the deep waters.  

Moreover, do not forget to tell couples to try the sea cuisine, which is one of the best in the country. Furthermore, over 20 types of whales are found in the area. So, if you see one, make sure to capture it with your camera lens to post it on Instagram.  

Business Insights: With a 90-foot yacht, you can easily make up to 90,000 USD per week. Also, the competition is more, so add some luxurious items to separate yourself from the competition.


Across the south-pacific sea, there are many remote islands, which you can explore with your yacht. You can visit Tahiti, a French Polynesia Island where you can see brilliant sea life with exotic cuisine and handshakes with whales. Furthermore, travel down to Bora Bora and behold the grandeur presence of beautiful lagoons.  

Besides, you will find many unexplored islands across the Oceania belt, which the human world has hardly explored. So, take your yacht and become Captain Haddock (blistering barnacles), and know the ocean in the palm of your hand. Just be aware of wild sea animals like whales and Sharks (The Jaws reference).  

Business Insights: You can make 30,000 USD per week if you let people use your yachts to sail around.  

Are you Ready to Travel, Mr. Haddock?

Now that you know where to travel, why are you still sitting idle? Pack your bags, put some fuel in your yacht, and get ready to make people sail, captain. Explore the sea, and make sure to earn some big bucks to provide a more premium yachting experience.  


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