Top 9 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Top 9 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

The Business Mistakes Manifesto - Part 2 of 5

Today it's the turn of the Marketing many of these are you making!

  1. You think Marketing is your website, youtube, social media, blogging, networking, twitter, facebook ads etc
  2. You think the Internet should make marketing easy
  3. You aren’t researching your target market
  4. You are not being consistent
  5. You are measuring the wrong KPI (i.e. sales versus leads)
  6. Your content is B.O.R.I.N.G. (bland, obvious, repetitive, irksome, negative, gaps)
  7. No nurture – “BUY MY SHIT”
  8. You aren’t spending any money on marketing because you can “do it all yourself”
  9. You are trying every shiny marketing thing…but none of them are working

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