Top Things You Should Consider When Getting a Dental Practice Acquisition

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May 16, 2024

Many dentists think of acquiring an already operating clinic. If you are also one of them, we understand that it could be overwhelming for you. Your main goal while obtaining a business will be to create and grow your client base. 

Therefore, you may be fully committed while taking up different hats in growing the obtained dental practice. For example, you will find that you are handling finances, the clinical director, and the human resource person in the office, amongst other things. 

As a matter of fact, it might seem harsh, but with proper knowledge, you can ease it for yourself. This article mentions a few important things that you must consider while running your acquisition project.

So, let’s not beat around the bush and dive in!

Key Takeaways: Dental Practice Acquisition

  1. Assemble a Legal Team: Engage a legal team including an attorney and a consultant to navigate the complexities of acquiring a dental practice, ensuring all transactions are legitimate and beneficial.
  2. Financial Considerations: Carefully evaluate lenders and loan terms, focusing on long-term benefits and manageable interest rates.
  3. Understand the Acquisition Benefits: Recognise the advantages such as immediate cash flow, patient and staff retention, and an established patient base.
  4. Keep Up with Trends: Stay informed about industry trends and issues to ensure the continued success of the practice.
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A Team of legal Trusted Advisors

To successfully attain an existing dental purchase, you should ensure that you have a legal team of advisors. This type of team will be a guide for you. Ensure that you network and seek legal advice from people who are experienced in the job. 

Below are some of the important people you should have in your network team;

An attorney 

The attorney's work will be to represent you in all legal transactions. The aim is to ensure every transaction is legit. The attorney should look over documentation like the office lease, the lender's terms, and any other documentation in the transaction.

A Consultant 

Many people confuse a consultant for a broker. However, they are both different. When you think of acquiring a business, you must first take help from dental business consultants to discuss your requirements. They will offer their services and check if the deal fits right for you. These consultants are experienced and support people in dental practice acquisition projects. Since such dealing includes regulatory factors and complex finances, thus, getting help from experts can ease it for you. They check your practice and build a solid plan to support your business's sustainable and long-term growth. 

You should look for the ones who can offer guidance on dental CPAs, review contracts, and provide valuable insights on tax implications. This way, when you buy the business, you can rest assured that it will be in a better financial condition overall. Moreover, many such professional service providers can also suggest if an acquisition or merger is a better option according to your requirements. 

A Lender 

The most preferred lender is one who meets your needs. Lenders operate differently depending on different things, so choose the one that resonates with what you want. Most dentists first reach out to their banks as this is a simple and fast option. The most preferred lender is one that is flexible and has long terms.

Consider the term of your Dental Practice.

Various companies have different terms, but the approximate range is between four and fifteen years. The most preferred term is the longer term which has several advantages, such as reducing the patient risk in patient attrition within the first twelve months of practice. The terms vary with time and the type of lender. You should also consider the interest rate and the structure of the loan.

Various benefits are brought by getting an existing Dental Practice some of these include

  • Fast money flow
  • Patient and staff retention
  • Creates a patient flow and a patient base


To successfully run an excellent dental practice, you must keep up with the trends and any issues that may arise. There are various types of data acquisition; hence ensure that you choose the best that fit perfectly with your needs and consider the above points that have been discussed.

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