Ways to Ensure Your Business Attracts Talent

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October 20, 2022

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All businesses want the best and brightest. But the best and brightest are very picky. They want to work for companies that have invested in their business and have a great future. Business owners need to do a lot of work to ensure that they not only attract talent but keep them. Thai si no easy task. So, you need to discover what motivates and inspires the people you are looking for. To help you attract the best talent to your company, here are some pieces of advice:


When it comes to attracting talent, you better have a great company reputation. It also helps if you are well-known. So, you need to marketing drive to boost brand awareness. The better known in a positive way, the more likely you are to succeed in bagging the best. Also, consider your recruitment process. Can it be streamlined and made more efficient? Is the job description up to scratch? Is the content about your company on your website up to date and as positive and forward-thinking as it can be? Everything you do will be scrutinized. So you need to have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's.


Maybe it would be useful to use an agency like Crooton Recruitment, who may be able to funnel all the talented people that match your criteria your way. Also, consider that not all talent will have degrees or something obvious. There are a lot of talented people out there who do not have accolades. An agency can help filter out the wheat from the chaff and help you employ people with bags of potential which you can mold.

Company Culture

A company's culture is tied in very closely to its brand. So, as a company, you really need to know your brand identity. Have you got a great start-up story, brand narrative, and a vision of the future? One thing that worlds well here is sustainability. You started your business to provide a cleaner service, your brand narrative is how you are doing it, and your vision of the future is a cleaner planet. If everyone in the company is singing from the same hymn sheet, a culture can be built upon this. Consider things such as open and honest communication, modern technology, innovation, the tools you use, and everything that creates harmony in the workplace. Talent is attracted to brands that can easily demonstrate a great culture - be it on their social media platforms or when then enter the workspace for an interview, etc. 


No talented person wants to stay in one position their whole. So, if you want talent, you need to show that your company has scope for progression. Opportunities to move into other positions are a great benefit. It does not matter if your business is small as long as your vision is attractive. A great vision means that there will be scope for growth, and with that progression. It also shows the talent that there will be opportunities to use their skills and learn new ones.

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