What is an MBA (Master of Business Administration)?

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November 29, 2022

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An MBA is a popular choice for people looking to work in management positions, or who are looking to begin their career as an entrepreneur. Since the pandemic, the number of people studying for their MBA is rising because the vast improvements in online education over the past year mean that it’s easier than ever to study for an MBA without having to compromise your work.

What does an MBA course cover?

MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses will give students a deep understanding of topics such as business ethics, finance and international business law. A good MBA degree program will cover general business topics, and then allow you to specialize in the specific area of business that is of interest to you.

The Master of Business Administration offered by Point Park has specializations in management, which means effectively working with other people within an organizational structure, and health systems management, which is designed for people looking to work in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is set to grow exponentially over the next 10 years, so an understanding of its business functions will be advantageous to anyone wanting to provide themselves with a lucrative skillset.

MBAs are often taught by people who have succeeded in business themselves, which means that you aren’t just learning in the academic sense. You will also be able to learn from people who can give you the benefit of their real-life experience.

Prospects for MBA graduates

An MBA course gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world in which you want to make your career and can be a truly transformative experience.

The remuneration for MBA graduates will vary depending on which industry they choose to go into. In the consulting sector, the average salary for MBA graduates is $152,500 per year, and in the non-profit sector, the average salary is $85,100.

It’s also possible to use an MBA course as a way to furnish yourself with the information that you need to start your own business. If you have a business idea in mind, speak with the admissions team on the MBA courses that you are considering, and they will be able to advise you on which course modules will be the most useful to you, and whether they have anyone on their faculty who has worked in your chosen field.

What skills does an MBA give you?

The most important skills that employers are looking for in their MBA grads are the ability to work with a wide range of different people from a variety of backgrounds, excellent time management and prioritization skills, complex problem-solving ability and the ability to build and sustain a network of people.

These are all skills that you will come out of your MBA with documented proof of having.

If you want to succeed, it’s also worth building up some skills that may not be part of the curriculum, namely the ability to successfully use social media, forecasting ability, and skills at coaching and training other people.

It’s worth ensuring that you also focus on these skills as you embark on your MBA, so that when you graduate you will be in demand.

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