What is an SSP and How Does it Work?

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June 9, 2024

Have you ever felt like your online efforts weren’t quite matching up with your income goals? If so, you're not alone - the struggle of wanting to increase earnings while dealing with the complexities of digital ads is real. But what if there's a solution that could make a real difference? It’s called SSP. What is an SSP?

Supply Side Platforms offer a way to maximise your platform’s earnings potential. If you’ve ever felt like there’s more you could be getting out of your online venture, SSPs might just be the answer. In the following sections, you will find out how SSPs can help you optimise your earnings and help your online publishing business.

Key Takeaways: Understanding SSPs (Supply Side Platforms)

  1. Digital Marketplace for Ads: An SSP acts as a marketplace where publishers can sell ad space, maximising revenue by connecting with advertisers ready to bid for display spots.
  2. Streamlined Process: Simplifies ad space selling, ensuring the best possible prices through real-time bidding.
  3. Six-Step Workflow: The process includes offering ad space, connecting with an SSP, conducting an auction, displaying the winning ad, and maximising revenue through competitive bidding.
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What Is an SSP?

In essence, an SSP is like a digital marketplace where advertisers compete to display their ads on your platform, helping you generate revenue from your online content. Basically, it does two things, it 

  • simplifies the process of selling your ad space, and 
  • helps you get the best possible price for it.

Wondering How an SSP Works in Action? 

Truth be told each SSP works a bit differently, yet there are six common stages that all Supply Side Platforms share:

Stage #1: Publisher offers ad space

As a publisher, you have ad space available on your website or app where you want to display advertisements. 

Stage #2: Connect with SSP 

You connect your ad space to a Supply Side Platform (SSP). Think of the SSP as a middleman between you (the publisher) and advertisers. 

Stage #3: An ad inventory auction 

The SSP puts your ad space up for auction in what’s called a real-time bidding (RTB) process. Advertisers bid in milliseconds to display their ads on your website or app. 

Stage #4: Highest bidder wins

The advertiser willing to pay the most for your ad space wins the auction and their ad gets displayed on your platform.  

Stage #5: Ad displayed to the target audience

The winning ad is then instantly displayed to your target audience when they visit your website or app. 

Stage #6: Maximise revenue

Through this process, the SSP helps you maximise your ad revenue because it helps you sell your ad space to the highest bidder in real time.

This is how SSPs facilitate the buying and selling of ad space online.

Final Thoughts: What Is an SSP and You Can Use It to Earn More

In conclusion, Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) offer online publishers a friendly way to increase their revenue. By connecting you with advertisers in real-time auctions, SSPs help you get the best price for your ad space without much trouble. 

Curious about whether SSPs are the right fit for you? The best way to find out is to dive in and experiment. Many platforms offer trial periods or flexible plans, so you can test the waters without committing to long-term contracts. By gradually integrating SSPs into your strategy, you'll be able to gauge their impact on your revenue and adjust accordingly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your earnings and take your online publishing business to the next level.

Additionally, they provide control and clarity, allowing you to create a safer, user-friendly advertising space. 

PRO TIP: To make the most of SSPs, team up with a reputable platform, optimise your ad inventory, and adjust strategies based on performance data.

And remember: Making good use of SSPs means not only earning more but also improving the overall success of your online publishing business. So, why wait? Start using SSPs today and see the income rise.

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