When To Rework Your Marketing Plan: Key Indicators To Look For

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March 21, 2023

Did you know that marketing comprises one of the major elements of business budgets? Well, stats show that B2B companies should spend 2-5% of their revenue on marketing. B2C brands need to go even higher at 5-10%. The amounts can be whopping, with campaigns easily costing millions. Sounds big, right?

But are you getting enough from your marketing strategy? Do you consider it successful? Business owners should definitely ask these questions more often to ensure healthy ROI on their marketing spending. And if it isn’t good enough, it’s time to shake up your marketing plan.

Lucky for you, we have a list of telltale signs that your marketing strategy needs a revamp. So pay attention guys to these signs and act fast!

Key Takeaways: When to Rework Your Marketing Plan

  1. Low Engagement: If your website traffic, social media engagement, and email open rates are low, it's time to reassess your content strategy.
  2. Stagnant Growth: No sales growth or customer retention may indicate your marketing messaging isn't resonating or targeting the right audience.
  3. Changing Marketing Budget: As your business evolves, your marketing budget may change. Adjust your strategy accordingly to align with your goals and spending capacity.
  4. Competitors Outperforming: If your competitors are making significant strides and you're falling behind, it's time to revamp your marketing plan to stay ahead.
  5. Lack of Feedback: If you're not receiving any customer feedback, rework your strategy to be more proactive about soliciting reviews and understanding customer experiences.
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Sign #1- Your engagement is in the dumps

A robust marketing plan is all about customer engagement. It definitely requires a makeover if your engagement parameters are below par. If your website traffic is low, social media posts are hardly impressive, and your email open rates are down, it's time to shake things up.

Your target audience may be bored with your content or find it useless. So you need to step back and reassess what you're putting out there.

Sign #2- You're not seeing any growth

Is your growth not good enough? Are your sales stagnant or even declining? Are you failing to get new customers or retain existing ones? These are big red flags about your marketing plan not giving enough.

Maybe your messaging isn't resonating or you're not reaching the right audience in the first place. Re-evaluate your target market and reassess your value proposition to refresh your plan.

Sign #3- Your marketing budget is not the same

Businesses do not remain stagnant over time, and things change. As your sales rate, turnover, and overhead evolve, your marketing budget may also change. Consider it a sign to shuffle up your strategy to realign with your goals and spending capacity.

For example, Minneapolis business owners may collaborate with one of the best minneapolis marketing agencies if the cost of running an in-house team seems exorbitant. You may spend less but get better outcomes by letting experts handle the department.

Sign #4- You're not keeping up with your competitors

Well, staying on top of the competition is one of the most daunting aspects of running a business in the US. You've got to beat them everywhere and track every move. Are your competitors making it big on social media, while you're still struggling to get any traction?

Are they launching new offerings you're not even considering? A revamp for your marketing plan is the only way to keep pace and stay ahead.

Sign #5- You're not getting any feedback

Not getting any feedback from your customers is a reason to worry. It may mean they are not engaged with your brand or interested in your products. Brands must encourage feedback and reviews, whether positive or negative.

It helps them understand what needs to get better. Moreover, seeking feedback indicates that you care about your customers' experiences. Rework your plan to be more proactive about this step.

So, there you have it, marketers! If you're experiencing one or more of these signs, consider a revamp for your marketing strategy right away. Remember, you cannot go complacent with your campaigns. So, rework your plan and make some noise!

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