Where to Look for a Top-Tier Executive Personal Assistant

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April 3, 2024

When hiring for an executive assistant, employers are looking out for candidates who are competent, self-motivated and proactive. Excellent communication skills are essential for anyone working so closely with top-ranking staff members. Those who have leadership qualities tend to understand better what is required of an executive team – and therefore how best to support it.

Armed with this knowledge they can be more effective in their role helping run an organisation. By identifying which skills matter most recruiters and hiring managers can more easily assess whether candidates possess them through pre-employment screening or testing.

In this article we’ll talk all about executive personal assistant recruiting; why hire a personal assistant, what skills to look for, and ways to find candidates. 

Key Takeaways on Looking for Personal EAs

  1. Leadership qualities are crucial: Executive assistants with leadership qualities understand the needs of an executive team, enabling them to support it effectively.
  2. Communication skills are paramount: Excellent communication skills are essential for executive assistants who closely collaborate with high-ranking staff members.
  3. Core responsibilities include administrative tasks: Executive assistants manage day-to-day emails, screen calls, attend meetings, and handle sensitive information.
  4. Focus on core business activities: Hiring an executive assistant allows office executives and managers to concentrate on essential business tasks.
  5. Utilise online hiring platforms: Job boards, organisation career pages, and social media platforms are effective channels for finding executive assistants.
  6. Leverage employee referrals: Employee referrals are a cost-effective method for recruiting executive assistants, utilising existing staff connections.
  7. Seamless operations rely on skilled EAs: Competent executive assistants play a crucial role in ensuring smooth business operations in the digital age.
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Why Hire an Executive Personal Assistant?

Top-level office executives and managers hire assistants to handle their responsibilities and time-consuming tasks better. Depending on the demands and needs, executives and managers hire executive personal assistants to:

  • Manage day-to-day emails
  • Screen and answer phone calls
  • Attends important meetings
  • Fill in the administrative roles and responsibilities
  • Manage the schedules
  • Deal with sensitive information

An office executive or manager should hire an executive personal assistant if he needs help to cater to everyday roles and needs to catch up on tasks. EAs help leaders and managers to focus on core business activities.

Channels or Platforms to Find Excellent EAs

With rapid digitalisation, organisations and recruiters approach executive personal assistant recruiting differently. Most talent acquisition tasks in the digital landscape involve 24/7 data exchange. Online hiring channels or platforms are the outcome of it, alongside other forms of recruiting process. Some pivotal channels or platforms have become core recruitment strategies for industries everywhere.

Every channel or platform has distinct ways of interacting and connecting with potential candidates.

To cater to the benefits of such channels and platforms efficiently, hiring managers or recruiters should invest time and resources and optimise the outcomes.

Job Boards

Job boards are one of the effective channels or platforms for digital recruitment. They are online websites or pages where organisations and recruitment agencies post ads for vacant positions. The primary goal is to interact between job seekers and recruiters. Job boards allow candidates to upload their CVs, resumes, and contact details in the database for recruiters to view. The sites simplify and streamline the recruitment procedure. Job boards are equally beneficial for companies and job seekers.

Organisation Career Page

The career page is a sub-page within the official website, suitable for executive personal assistant recruiting. The objective of a company career page is to exhibit core values and brand image while interacting with and engaging candidates to apply for vacant roles. An official company website is an excellent USP tool and acts as the digital representative for the brand. A well-made company career page converts leads into competent applicants or candidates. It is challenging to engage and seek the attention of applicants, given the fierce competition. An engaging career page is pivotal as it amplifies the scope for job seekers to join the company.

Social Media Platforms

Modern recruiters leverage the benefits of social media platforms or channels. Social media is one of the most effective tools in the digital world, as it allows one to connect and interact with potential candidates directly. Today, social media platforms are not just entertainment mediums; they have become job board channels.

Companies have their social media pages where they post open or vacant positions. The current generation is more active on social media, making it easier to find jobs, discuss niches, and get information about specific workplaces. Social recruiting allows recruiters to find suitable candidates through social media channels by directly establishing relationships with potential candidates. It is a convenient medium for recruiters to connect, engage, and interact with candidates.

Employee Referrals

It is a recruiting method where organisations seek help from their staff/employees for new hire recommendations. Organisations favour the methods as they involve minimal expenses and effort and generate optimal results. The candidate knows about the internal business operations depending on the relationship with the referrer.

It acts as a motivation to work alongside an acquaintance or a friend and is an additional advantage. The recruitment method is direct because employers don’t rely on or invest in hiring tools.

They seek recommendations from their current employees and award them with each successful recruit.


From the above analysis, it is clear that recruiting executive personal assistants is pivotal for seamless business operations. In the digital era, hiring managers and recruiters utilise multiple channels or platforms to interact, engage, and employ executive personal assistants. With competent and skilled EAs, office managers and executives can function efficiently.

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