Why consider English Language Jobs in the Netherlands

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May 17, 2024

The Netherlands and Amsterdam, in particular, have a very diverse and cosmopolitan population. The country has received immigrants from across Europe and much further away. One reason the Netherlands attracts so many immigrants is that there are international companies based in the Netherlands and many large Dutch companies. Major economic centres include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the wider Randstad.

Key Takeaways on English Language Opportunities in the Netherlands:

  1. Diverse Job Opportunities in English: The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, offers a diverse job market with a considerable number of English-language jobs. Many international and Dutch companies conduct business in English, making it an attractive destination for professionals seeking employment.
  2. Executive Assistant Jobs: The high concentration of headquarters and executives in Amsterdam results in numerous executive assistant job vacancies. Salaries range from €45,000 to €64,000, with potential for higher earnings in technology and financial services industries.
  3. Financial Services Industry Opportunities: Amsterdam's status as a major financial centre provides opportunities in the financial services industry. Salaries for trader jobs average around €175,000, with the industry offering competitive pay and a better work-life balance compared to other global financial centres.
  4. Thriving Technology Sector: The Netherlands boasts a robust IT industry with multinational companies like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Google, and a thriving startup culture. Entry-level IT technicians can earn around €65,000, with the industry offering diverse roles and higher-paid positions for experienced professionals.
  5. Cost of Living Considerations: While the Netherlands is relatively affordable, particularly compared to neighbouring countries, living costs, especially housing, can be high. Social issues, particularly in Amsterdam, arise from housing costs. The average family may require between €3500 and €4000 per month, excluding rent.
  6. Study Opportunities in English: Dutch universities attract international students with leading global institutions and English-language courses. Students from the European Union benefit from local prices, and self-employed job opportunities are available for those looking to support themselves during their studies.
  7. Brexit-Driven Opportunities: The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union has made the Netherlands an attractive alternative for young European professionals seeking English-language job opportunities. The widespread use of English in the country further enhances its appeal for those no longer considering the UK.
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English Language Job in the Netherlands

Many of the employers in the Netherlands offer only English-language jobs. There is no requirement for Dutch in many jobs. This approach has meant that many professionals from across the European continent have chosen to come to the Netherlands to seek employment. If they are from the European Union, they will enjoy visa-free access to the job market. Given the dominance of English language jobs in the Netherlands and the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the Netherlands has become one of the primary focuses for skilled young European professionals.

The Netherlands offers a wealth of opportunities for English speakers, especially in the tech industry. For those interested in exploring these options, tech jobs Amsterdam provides a comprehensive list of available positions in one of Europe's most vibrant tech hubs. This can be a valuable resource for finding roles that match your skills and career aspirations.

Jobs in the Netherlands

 We will focus on several jobs in the Netherlands that are popular with expat workers. This is just a sample of common jobs expats seek in the Netherlands.

Executive Assistant Jobs

There are many executive assistant jobs in the Netherlands due to the high number of headquarters and executives based in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. This means that there are numerous job vacancies for Executive Assistants. This role is often in large Dutch companies, who adopt English at work, or International companies. Given these factors, the roles are generally only in the English language.

According to Glassdoor and other incredible sources, the average salary for a Dutch-based Executive Assistant is €53,000 a year. However, the salary range is between €45,000 and €64,000. High-paying industries like technology and financial services offer salaries over €80,000. Compared to the rest of Europe, it is a very competitive salary. It is higher than in major cities like Paris and London. However, Zurich and parts of Germany have higher wages for this profession.

The industry is well developed; it offers developed Executive Assistant focussed recruitment services and Executive Assistant Training Courses. Surrounding countries often use these services because they are provided in English.

Jobs in Financial Services

Financial services is an established industry in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a major financial centre, and the stock market trades some of the most significant volumes in Europe. All major American and other large European institutions are within the Netherlands, normally in Amsterdam. Additionally, the Netherlands boasts a prestigious list of homegrown Banks, including ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank.

This large financial services industry means attractive salaries can be found in Amsterdam. Additionally, the industry tends to offer jobs in the English language at higher levels. Glassdoor shows that trader jobs in Amsterdam attract an average salary of around €175,000 and can go up to around €300,000 with additional large bonuses. The salaries can be higher in large financial centres worldwide, but often, centres require excessive working hours. The Dutch culture will tend to provide more work-life balance as it will be unusual to work longer hours than could be experienced in London or New York.

Jobs in Technology

The Netherlands boasts a large IT industry spread across the main cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. You can find many large multinational IT companies. We will name a few of these large companies: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and many more.

The Netherlands is one of Europe's largest producers of microchips and boasts an impressive microchip manufacturing industry. Amsterdam has a robust start-up culture, with many IT start-ups from the Amsterdam region. This means there is a lot of opportunity for IT entrepreneurs and IT professionals.

The IT industry is diverse, offering many specialities and job titles, so the salary range of job content can vary massively. However, according to Glassdoor and credible sources, entry-level jobs for IT technicians can earn around €65,000 a year. However, the industry offers many much higher-paid roles with more experience.

Cost of Living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is relatively cheap. Neighbouring countries like Germany and Belgium can offer lower living costs. Restaurants can be expensive across the country, especially if compared to neighbouring Belgium. Additionally, rent and housing costs are particularly high. This is causing social issues in Amsterdam, where the highest housing costs are found.

We have reviewed various cost of living data showing that the average family of four will require between €3500 and €4000, without considering rent costs. This is relatively high compared to other cities. Rent in Amsterdam is higher than the average European capital, with a three-bedroom apartment costing €3000 - €3500 per month in the city centre. A meal for one person in a budget restaurant can cost €20; in a mid-range restaurant, having a three-course meal for two people would cost around €80-€90.

Naturally, like many large cities in Europe, the lack of affordable housing options has caused a lot of social issues. Additionally, there has been a battle with the cost of living and inflation. This could mean that consumer prices will increase even more, and the cost of living will continue to increase. However, this problem is being seen across Europe and North America.

Studying in the Netherlands

Dutch universities are beautiful for international students. This is because they boast some of the leading global universities, and many offer English language courses, making them generally attractive. Therefore, if you are a student considering being a student, it may be a good option to choose the Netherlands. Students from the European Union will also benefit from receiving local prices instead of international student prices. Additionally, the self-employed job market means that student jobs will be available for those seeking to support themselves while studying in the element.

Brexit Benefits

Many young European professionals seeking job opportunities internationally will seek work in the English language. The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union made it more complicated and less attractive to seek work in London. With this group of people no longer willing to work in the United Kingdom or unable to gain a visa, they were forced to look for alternatives. One of the best alternatives for them is to come to the Netherlands due to the high level of English spoken nationwide.

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