Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Social Media

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September 14, 2022

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Whether you are running a small business or a fully fledged global enterprise you need to make sure that social media marketing or something of a priority. Your corporate marketing plan is going to include many different avenues, but without social media it’s going to tank. We are living in an increasingly evolving world that is relying on technology and the Digital world more than ever. If you do not have a social media policy within your marketing strategy you are going to fall behind in comparison to a competition. If you consider this to be something that is of little importance to you, you’re going to find that your business is not going to be as popular.

Social media marketing is the linchpin of your business. With the influence that social media has on people day today, you get the chance to meet a variety of people, expand your loyal customers and network with the best. You could work with new vendors, you can see what the competition is doing, and you can beat them all because you have your eyes on the ball. Here are 10 very specific reasons as to why you should take your marketing strategies onto social media platforms and now before it’s too late.

Social Media Marketing
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  • It’s where you’ll find your customers. From smartphones, tablets, Google watches to fit bits, people are using technology every single day. If you are not accessing technology and digital platforms every single day of your business, you’re going to miss out on quite a chunk of your customer base. Instead of worrying about your current marketing plan being overly social, you need to make sure it is doing more than your competition. Developing a plan on deciding how to relate to the online population is important, and if you want to find your customers you need to be online.
  • You’re going to build your brand. Without your brand you don’t have a name, without your name your customers won’t know where to find you. You need that name of yours to be on social media because you can guarantee that it's the first place your customers will look for you. Having a social media presence gives your business clout. You can refine your quality material and your content which allows you to encourage yourself to think about how creative you could be with your social posts. You can acknowledge important dates, important news events, and you can talk about your industry with authority.
  • You’re going to improve your inbound traffic rates. Your social media profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat can help you to get in traffic to your website. If you can link your website out to your social media buttons, people will be able to click backward and forward with ease and that increases your traffic. Not only will they support your SEO options, you’ll be able to make sure that every single piece of content that you post on your social media profiles works as another opportunity to bring in the visitors.
  • Video marketing is emerging. Video marketing is obviously working because otherwise Instagram wouldn’t be trying to be the new TikTok profile and TikTok wouldn’t be so popular. Bite-size videos that you can use to talk about your company, your industry or even what you are doing day to day is really going to help you to broaden your horizons with your business marketing. Video marketing is easier to digest, it’s why social media YouTube content creators have such a platform.
  • You can add speed to reaching your target audiences. Sometimes all you need to know is that you can actually reach the audience, and having a social media profile will help you to do that. You need to be strategic in your marketing strategy, and target a different audience base based on your brands channels. This prevents you from putting your marketing messages out there onto channels that are not bringing you in revenue. For example, you wouldn’t continue to pay for Twitter adverts if you know that your audience is primarily on Facebook. You have to be smart about it, and having a marketing strategy laden with social media planning will help you to add speed to reaching your target audience.
Reaching Your Target Audiences
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  • It’s widely used. Most people who use social media use it for free. No one is paying Facebook to use its systems and no one is paying Instagram to do that. Advertisements are paid for on platforms and people are using them for free. Social media platforms are so widely used that you can’t possibly go wrong when you’re trying to reach out to your followers. You can target an audience that is already on specific social media platforms and you get the diverse features that meet different marketing needs. Customer service is able to be improved for the benefit of the customers, and with a little timing and some expert messaging you can reach your customers in a way that you have hoped to reach them the entire time.
  • You will beat the competition. It’s not enough just to do more than what the competition is doing. You need to beat them and you need to make sure that you are coming out on top no matter what. When you choose to have social media as part of your marketing strategy, you are telling everybody that their presence and existence matters to you and that you will find them and give them what they need. Social media marketing really is not just limited to the launch of any of your brand products either, as you can continue to showcase what you can do to your customers and they can get to know you as a personal brand.
  • You will improve your search engine rankings. Sometimes, there are such engines that maybe using your social media presence is a factor in your ranking. The successful brands out there tend to have a healthy presence on a range of social media platforms, so you need to find the ones where your audience results and maximise your offering there. 
  • You cannot oversell your products. Social media is really not the place where you can oversell your products. With the addition of social media advertising you can get lots of value for your company in a smaller amount of time. You can also have average increases in customers and achieve your goals by advertising on those social media platforms, too.
  • It’s where people go for recommendations. When people want to learn about a good product or a location, they head to social media to hear all about it from people who have experienced it before. Just because you’re building a marketing strategy surrounding social media as part of it, you cannot underestimate the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. Social media marketing is all about word-of-mouth marketing, and if you are smart you’ll be able to maximise this area and ensure that you are getting popular and good reviews every single time.

We spend most of our free time on social media networks these days, and it’s getting to the point that even businesses are now on social media every single day. LinkedIn was the original Facebook for businesses, but now companies are using Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok to be able to market their wares. If you want to make sure that you are on social media and you are maximising your marketing here, then you need to do some research to figure out what’s going to work best for your business.

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