Why Your Organisation Needs Innovation Training

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October 17, 2022

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To succeed, organisations have to constantly innovate. This will help to make operations faster, better, and cheaper. It also improves internal operations, including how employees communicate.

Innovation training helps to drive ongoing improvements in organisations. It also helps to unleash better ideas that change the rules. Thus, you need to embrace innovation training if they are to change proactively.

But what is innovation training? It’s a program that equips people to understand and leverage innovative technologies. Innovation training stimulates strategic thinking. It also improves team performance and enables you to reach your potential.

Keep in mind that failure to innovate can hinder your ability to compete with today’s emerging disruptive technologies. 

Importance of Innovation Training in Your Organisation

Organisations are required to make policies that encourage innovation. This may seem intuitive, but some organisations do little to support sharing of ideas.

Innovation coaching needs to start with the top leadership before moving to the rest of the team. This will enable management to develop policies and empower team members to execute them. But why is that important? Here’s why.

Training in Your Organisation
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1. Increased Diversity in the Organisation

Diversity is good for business. Different voices from various backgrounds help to avoid certain biases that hinder growth. I mean, if your client base is diverse, then so should be your team members. Innovation training helps you to support this goal in various ways.

If innovation is your priority, you’ll go for unique thinkers during recruitment. Rather than having a cookie-cutter line-up, you’ll meet people that think and look different.

Innovation training will also encourage diversity of thought among leaders and the staff. When employees know that their ideas are valued, it frees them to express themselves. 

As a result, you’ll have more diversity in your organisation’s products and projects. It’s easy for established businesses to get into a trap of doing businesses the same way:

  • “This is how we solve problems.”
  • “We need more clients and this is what we need to do.”

This predictability may work for you. But it also limits your growth. You can’t expect greater growth if your strategy is always the same. This is where innovation coaching comes in. Kromatic is one of the organisations that you can partner with to scale innovation. Their innovation coaches will train your workforce on the innovation mindset and methods.

You can’t afford to get your organisation stuck in the same problem-solving techniques year in and year out. Innovation training will help to introduce a culture of innovation that prevents this from happening. 

2. It Increases the Idea Pool

For a lot of businesses, the innovative culture begins and ends with the innovation team. They are the only ones tasked with being forward-thinking. The rest of the team is said to have other responsibilities to attend to.

The problem with this is that it limits the range and scope of ideas. No matter how good your innovation team is, they only have so many hours per day. But the more you involve other employees through innovation training, the greater the potential for new ideas.

Scale is a very important element for a successful ideation project. The more employees you coach on innovation, the better. Of course, there will be challenges in the execution of these ideas. But a shortage of feedback will not be an issue. 

3. It Grows Your Business and Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Business growth translates to increased profits. Effective innovation training enables you to add value to your business. That way, you’re able to generate more profit.

Innovation coaching helps you to stay ahead of the competition in the marketplace. With globalisation and an evolving market, competition has been growing rapidly. However, training your employees enables them to come up with innovative ideas to stay relevant.

Employees get equipped with skills that make them productive, which is very beneficial. If you fail to train employees, you’ll watch innovative organisations bring new ideas to the marketplace and grow. 

4. Retaining Employees in the Organisation

Retaining good team members in an organisation is a major challenge. According to research, 15% of employees are engaged in the office. On the other hand, 51% of them are actively looking for better job offers elsewhere.

A key element for this is career growth. Note that only a small percentage of employees feel like they are learning at work. If an employee fails to build new skills and discover new talents, it’s natural that they’ll feel switched off.

Thus, your ability to retain employees depends on whether you embrace innovation coaching. It also depends on whether you allow employees to flex their innovation muscles. The more they’re coached and allowed to test new ideas, the more job satisfaction they’ll have. The more engaged and productive they’ll become.

5. Meeting the Needs of Consumers

What matters to consumers today will change a few years from now. Apart from having new technologies, their values and goals will have evolved.

Climate change, for instance, will have an impact on industries worldwide. It will also have an impact on travel and manufacturing. Some of the changes will be brought about by new laws or rising costs. However, a lot of the impact will come from consumers. Clients will want to minimise their carbon footprint and businesses will have to keep up.

Innovation training introduces a culture of innovation. One that makes sure you identify the changes in the industry. This improves your chances of finding workable solutions to the rising challenges.  

6. It Helps Your Organisation Stand Out

Every business desires to be different from the competition. This is one of the reasons for innovation training. It helps you to prove that you’re different through innovation practices.

Innovation has proved to give organisations a competitive edge. Also, organisational capabilities and innovation training have a significant effect on innovation. Simply put, innovation training introduces a functioning culture of innovation. This enables your business to stand out from the rest. 

Final Take Away

If you’ve been thinking of introducing a culture of innovation through training, now you have 6 convincing reasons to go ahead with it.

Believing that these points are clear, innovation doesn’t mean letting things blow up. Also, it’s not only about experimenting with new technologies and product features. The culture of innovation has to be embedded in your organisation’s DNA. If you want to grow in new and unexpected ways, you’ll have to innovate everywhere.

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