Widening The Parameters Of Your Home Based Freelance Business

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July 11, 2024

If you’re a freelancer working from home, you already know just how hard it can be to expand the business and feel like you’re growing. Most of your focus will be online and through social media, where thousands of people might interact with you on a daily basis, but even then you can feel like things are moving so slowly it’s not worth it at all! 

That’s why you should reorientate yourself and use tips like those below to boost your business and widen the parameters of your client base. You should even think about local marketing techniques, which you may not have considered before - some of the best clients are often right next door! 

Key Takeaways on Widening Your Home-based Freelance Business

  1. Leverage local connections: Networking with local businesses can expand your client base by sharing in their customer networks and creating face-to-face opportunities.
  2. Utilise a company car: Branding a car with your business details is a cost-effective mobile advertisement that can attract local clients unexpectedly.
  3. Start a blog: Blogging showcases your expertise and improves your website’s SEO, helping you stand out in search engine rankings.
  4. Engage in local marketing: Don’t overlook local marketing strategies, as some of the best clients might be right in your neighbourhood.
  5. Focus on online presence: Despite the local approach, maintaining a strong online and social media presence remains crucial for reaching a broader audience.
  6. Collaborate with local chambers: Involvement with local chambers of commerce can provide valuable networking opportunities and increase visibility in the local business community.
  7. Diversify your strategies: Combining both online and offline marketing techniques maximises your reach and effectiveness in growing your freelancing business.
Want to Close Bigger Deals?

Connect with Other Local Businesses

It’s not just your website that brings traffic and attention your way. You can connect with other local businesses in the area and share in their client base. It’s the most basic benefit of networking; when you’re amongst those you can be face to face with on a regular basis, they’re much more likely to pass along your details when they hear about an opportunity. 

So get to know the business owners around you. The person who owns the corner shop down the road, the real estate companies in the town centre, the people who pop in and out of your local chamber of commerce - they’re all good people to rub along with in the course of your career. 

Buy a Company Car

A company car is a great thing to have, thanks to the way it markets you as you go. Anyone who sees it is going to know your name, number, and what you can do for them. As a freelancer, this could be the best way to approach your local area and pick up clients when they’re least expecting it. Advertising is otherwise very expensive when you’re a one person business on a limited budget! 

Of course, you may not want your current car to be the company car, thanks to the insurance terms on it, so you may want to think about buying another car for this purpose. This might sound expensive, but you can buy an affordable second hand car from edmunds, print off a couple of logo stickers, and then apply one to each side. Voila! You’ve got a professional company car to ride around in. 

Start Blogging

This is a good strategy for any business owner with a website, but it’s key for a freelancer in order to show their creative muscle. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, photographer, or a mix of many different freelancing careers, start writing about what makes you different, unique, and worth hiring. Keep this up and you’ll soon influence the SEO score of your website, which can do wonders for you in the search rankings! 

If you’re a home based freelancer, don’t let the four walls around you limit your reach. Get online, get outside, and make some noise amongst other business owners. 

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