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October 2, 2023

What does your happy place look like? Do you wake up every morning energized or dreading the day in front of you? Are you overwhelmed, constantly juggling demands, or do you work from a place of joy and gratitude? What would it look like if you created a life that made you happy every day?

Work from Your Happy Place aims to EMPOWER you to take a leap toward the happy and fulfilled life you’ve always imagined by sharing stories of successful people who have done the same.

Our featured mentors will model their stories of failure, success, and perseverance. What key tools and resources do you need to create a better lifestyle? Listeners will learn what “Happy Place” means for each guest and get lasting advice from the people who are living their dreams.

Being able to create a life that balances quality time and prosperity, in both your personal and professional life is one of the keys to true happiness.

Would working from your Happy Place be a laptop on the beach or in an office in the business you've always dreamed to own?

Join us each week so we can help you stay there with confidence and the resources to make it your reality each day!

Your Happy Place is waiting…

Key Takeaways on the Work From Your Happy Place Podcast Interview:

  • Work from Your Happy Place: The podcast "Work from Your Happy Place" aims to empower individuals to pursue a life that brings them happiness and fulfillment. It shares stories of successful people who have taken the leap to achieve their dreams and work from their "happy place."
  • Podcast's Mission: The podcast emphasises the importance of balancing quality time and prosperity in both personal and professional lives. It seeks to inspire listeners to define their "Happy Place" and provides resources to help them achieve it.
  • About Belinda Elsworth: Belinda Elsworth, the podcast's host, embodies the essence of working from a happy place. She runs her business from home, allowing her to spend quality time with her family. Being an entrepreneur has given her the freedom to travel, pursue her passions, and make a difference in others' lives.
  • About Robin Waite: Robin Waite is a business coach, author, and speaker with a deep passion for personal and business development. His background includes working as a systems analyst, where he implemented systems to increase efficiency and profitability. He later ran a successful design and advertising company, serving over 250 clients and delivering workshops to over 1,000 business owners on various subjects. Currently, Robin coaches B2B business leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them set fearless goals and achieve success.
  • Robin's Coaching Approach: Robin's coaching program emphasises goal setting, accountability, and personal development. He draws from his vast experience in systems, marketing, product architecture, and pricing to guide his clients towards their dreams.

The podcast "Work from Your Happy Place" and Robin Waite's coaching approach both emphasise the importance of pursuing one's passions, setting clear goals, and achieving a balance between personal and professional lives.

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Robin Waite · Work From Your Happy Place Podcast Interview - Belinda Elsworth

About Belinda Elsworth

The reason that I started Work From Your Happy Place is because I truly work from mine every single day. Working from my happy place means knowing that I can make a difference in someone else’s life, from the thousands I’ve though through my training, but most importantly, my family. Running my business from my home has allowed me to spend time with my family whenever I please. But when I do travel for speaking engagements, I am able to take them with me across the world. Working for myself meant that I was able to work hard for something I was passionate about. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to experience many exciting things. I have obtained a tremendous amount of confidence that has carried over into every aspect of my life.

About Robin Waite

Robin Waite, business coach, author, and speaker works with clients to set goals and achieve success through his coaching program, born out of a deep passion for personal and business development. Robin puts his experience to work for his clients.

From 18 years old until 22, Robin worked as a systems analyst for a medical device company. Putting systems into play, Robin increased efficiency and decreased cost, helping to make the company 50% more profitable. For the next decade, Robin ran a successful design and advertising company, serving over 250 clients. He delivered workshops and masterclasses to over 1,000 business owners on subjects including marketing, product architecture, pricing, websites and more.

Now Robin coaches B2B business leaders and entrepreneurs, offering insights from systems to pricing structure to personal development. With fearless goal setting and accountability, Robin’s program is turning dreams into reality for clients around the world.

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