10 Things You Must Always Carry in Your Pocket

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September 19, 2023

It is said that your personality can be determined by what you carry in your pocket. Besides the average wallet, chapstick, and mint, there are a bunch of things people carry on them, which tells you a lot about their mindset and thinking. 

Depending on what's in your pocket, you can also fight unpleasant or emergency situations. So, here are a few things that you must always have, no matter what!

Key takeaways on essential items to carry in your pocket

  • A well-organised wallet is crucial for carrying cash, credit cards, and IDs, providing convenience and preparedness in various situations.
  • Carrying a mobile phone offers essential functions for professionals, including communication, note-taking, and smart home control.
  • Business cards are a must-have for networking and leaving a lasting impression, and NFC cards can enhance convenience and professionalism.
  • Carrying keys with you ensures the security of your home and vehicle, and a key organiser helps prevent misplacement.
  • A versatile multi-tool for practicality and effective handling of various tasks.
  • A reliable pen is essential for note-taking and can serve as a safety tool if a pocket knife is unavailable.
  • Keeping a handkerchief or tissues on hand is useful for allergies and maintaining cleanliness.
  • Chewing gum or mints provide fresh breath and serve as an alternative to nicotine.
  • Chapstick or lip balm is essential for maintaining lip health and enhancing appearance.
  • A portable charger or power bank ensures you can charge your mobile devices on the go, enhancing connectivity and availability.
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1. Essential Wallet 

A well-organised wallet is a must-have for carrying cash, credit cards, and IDs, providing convenience and preparedness in various situations.

There are a variety of wallet styles available; choose one which holds everything, and in a material you are comfortable with. 

2. Mobile 

In today's era, a mobile phone is a powerful tool that not only enables communication but also serves as a camera, note-taking device, contact manager, and even smart home controller, offering essential functions for professionals on the move. Most importantly, you can call for help if you are stuck in an emergency. A lot of people use their phones to save wallet space.

3. Business cards

If you’re a working professional or jobseeker, you must always carry business cards. You never know where you might find a lead for your next business or who might see through your talent. You can’t spare and seem unprepared in those times. So, this is a must-have! 

However, there’s only a limit to how many business cards you can carry. That’s why you may switch to NFC business cards and leave an impeccable impression by tapping your card against the other person’s phone! 

4. Crucial Keys 

As a professional, it is essential to carry your keys with you to safeguard your home and vehicle. Keeping your keys on your person ensures that you have control over access to your property and can minimise the risk of theft or unauthorised entry. To enhance organisation and prevent misplacement, consider using a key organiser. A key organiser provides a compact and secure way to store and carry your keys, allowing for easy access whenever needed. 

5. Versatile Multi-Tool 

Replace the pocket knife with a versatile multi-tool that serves as a practical weapon and tool for tasks such as opening packages, cutting materials, and handling unexpected situations effectively.

6. Reliable Pen 

You never know what you might need to note down. Businesspeople, journalists, artists, and almost everyone else carry around a pen to sign, open plug points, note things and save themselves from germs by using public pens. 

This can also be a great safety tool if you do not have a pocket knife!

7. Handy Handkerchief 

If you’re prone to allergies from dust, keep a hanky, tissues, or wet wipes on you. You never know when you’d have to sneeze, and with people around, it’s embarrassing. If you have OCD with germs, you might need to keep cleaning your hands occasionally. 

8. Refreshing Gum 

Keep a pack of chewing gum or mints on hand for freshening breath after meals or as a substitute for nicotine, and for those serendipitous encounters where fresh breath matters.

Gum is always their go-to alternative to nicotine for people trying to quit smoking. And well, if you’ve just encountered a potential special someone, it gets rid of bad breath too. 

9. Chapstick 

Chapstick or lip balm is essential in every lady’s handbag, especially in the cold season. Many men also carry it around because no one likes chapped lips. 

Every time they feel dry, just swipe it and enhance your appearance. It also gives you a last-minute lift before important meetings. 

10. Portable charger/power bank 

At speed, everyone uses their mobiles, it tends to drain very soon, and you walk out of the house without charging them. 

People are buying multiple power banks, with the market expected to grow by 12.4% by 2027. If you’re the kind that never answers because their phone is dead, get a power bank that you can keep in your pocket and charge your phone on the go. 

Summing up…

In today's fast-paced professional world, being well-prepared and organised is essential for success. By equipping yourself with the right tools and essentials, you can enhance your productivity, efficiency, and overall professionalism. 

From carrying a wallet and mobile phone for convenience and connectivity to having business cards and a pen for networking and note-taking, these items play a crucial role in supporting your professional endeavours. Additionally, items like a key organiser, professional organiser, and portable charger empower you to stay organised, manage your schedule, and ensure seamless connectivity. By embracing these essentials, professionals can navigate their daily tasks with ease, enhance their effectiveness, and make a lasting impression in their personal and business interactions. Remember, being well-prepared is the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving professional excellence.

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