Travel Tips for the Frequent Business Traveller

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April 3, 2023

Traveling for a business can be pretty exciting and liberating at first, however, after doing it a few times, it can start to get exhausting and irritating, and end up as a big, uncomfortable, and isolating slog.

Thankfully, for those who find themselves on the go constantly for their work, there are many tips and things that they can do that will help improve the experience and make things a lot easier to manage. Here’s a look at some of those top travel tips for those who are constantly traveling for work.

Key Takeaways: Packing and Comfort Tips for Business Travel

  1. Pack light and efficiently: Use a carry-on bag for better mobility and to save time at the airport. Pre-pack essentials and include casual wear, travel pillows, and other comforts for a more enjoyable trip.
  2. Join rewards plans: Accumulate points on airlines and other travel services to enjoy discounts and benefits both for business and personal trips.
  3. Speed up travel processes: Check-in online, print boarding passes, and take non-stop flights when possible to minimise waiting time and maximise convenience.
  4. Invest in airport lounge membership: Access comfortable lounges with amenities like food, charging outlets, and quiet spaces to relax or work while waiting for your flight.
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Packing Tips

The way you pack for a business trip can help make it a lot smoother and more enjoyable. The first of these tips is instead of packing a huge suitcase that you have to lug around for your entire trip, try to pack as light as you can and take an easier to manage carry-on bag. This will give you a lot more manoeuvrability, and crucially will save you time at the airport once you land as you do not have to wait around for your baggage to be unloaded.

Another great tactic is to pre-pack before you’re sent on a trip. Keeping things such as essential toiletries, a charger and office supplies in your suitcase between trips can make the stress of packing a whole lot easier and more streamline. It’s also a good idea to include some casual wear while packing, so that you have something more comfortable to wear when you’re relaxing at your hotel, or potentially sightseeing in your free time. If you can squeeze it in, it’s also a good idea to try and pack travel pillows or other comforts like that, so that it can help you catch some much-needed rest during your flight or train so that you’re fresh for your business appointment.

Comfort Tips

There are a few things that travellers can do to make their time on the road a lot more comfortable and convenient, such as organising their travel with TurboRes. Other options include joining a rewards plan. Take advantage of your corporate travel to gain points on your airline so that you can build up rewards and discounts that can be used in your personal life. It’s also a good idea to do everything you can to speed up your travel, such as checking in on your flights online before you go to the airport and to print out your boarding pass (if you haven’t got an electronic one) as this will speed things up.

Other great ideas include paying for the airport lounge membership, as this will give you access to a far more comfortable and relaxing environment that will have food, outlets to charge your devices and quiet spaces. This will make the period when you’re waiting for your flight far more enjoyable and could even enable you to do some important work in a relaxed environment.

Another tip to make your travel more comfortable is to try and get non-stop flights to your location. This is because having to be on the ground for a few hours mid-trip might mean that you’ll have to spend an extra day on the road or wake up earlier than usual, which makes the travel process a lot more annoying.

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