How Can Corporations Solve the Problem With Parking?

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May 31, 2024

Does your firm have trouble managing parking places at the office? Are your employees frequently jostling for empty parking spaces? Transportation is a crucial concern for employees at their place of employment, especially how your organisation approaches parking issues impacts employee happiness, cost, and environmental effect. 

In organisations with hundreds of employees, transportation is one of the greatest challenges. When an employee must use a personal vehicle for work-related travel, parking becomes a major concern. Sometimes, employees are required to park in paid parking areas, which increases their expenditures. All of these elements might ultimately work against the company's management. Consequently, it is your responsibility as an employer to devise solutions to the parking problem and enhance the employee's travel. 

Key Takeaways: Solving Problems with Parking

  1. Parking management systems: Automating and streamlining parking operations, these systems provide real-time information and improve efficiency.
  2. Common employee parking concerns: Limited space, improper usage of parking bays, monotonous grind on parking management, and dissimilar administration of various parking lots.
  3. Top approaches to corporate parking issues: Implementing parking management software, encouraging alternative modes of transportation, charging employees for parking, partnering with car rental agencies, inviting employees to suggest innovative ideas, and renting additional parking spaces as needed.
  4. Locations for free parking spaces: Car parks, community groups, and real estate firms can provide access to additional parking spaces.
  5. Benefits of offering commuting services to employees: Reduced stress levels, increased productivity, improved employee performance, and enhanced company image.
  6. Embracing new parking procedures: Implementing these strategies can create a significant shift in employee behavior and contribute to a more sustainable environment.
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What is a parking management system? 

Vehicle parking management systems can automate parking or allow the set up for valet services. They minimises parking space and streamlines operations. It provides real-time parking information, such as vehicle and parking space counts, displays available parking spaces, reserved parking, pay-to-park alternatives, simple payments, and reports. 

When discussing urban transportation, parking upkeep and management are essential topics. As the number of employees who drive to work increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for employers to establish a parking policy to adhere to by the employees. Utilising proactive and astute management corporate parking regulations may facilitate parking. It will also increase staff accountability for their travel decisions. 

Top 4 frequent parking concerns employees experience 

Parking concerns within an organisation pose difficulties for both management and employees. Managing the parking demands of employees can be costly if not addressed early and can lead to the following problems: 

1. Restricted space, limitless users 

Property taxes and urbaniastion have compelled businesses to lease limited parking spots. Changes in people's work habits and uncertain arrival and departure times have made it challenging to manage the parking space properly. With the rise of digitisation, an online parking management system can solve this problem. 

2. Improper utilisation of the parking bay 

How often have you assumed there were no available parking spots when there were plenty? Open parking spaces merely increase the company's expenditures. There has to be a sounder way to furnish real-time updates to the firm on the availability of parking spaces. 

3. Monotonous grind on parking management 

Undefined staff responsibilities and schedules might make the car park management system more difficult for businesses. Allowing employees to park in designated spots can save time when they arrive for work. Allowing them to handle their parking spots regularly may alleviate the firm of a substantial load. 

4. Dissimilar administration of various parking lots 

Is there a standardised approach to handle the requirements and movements of people if your business rents out various parking spaces daily? If you cannot establish an ideal strategy for managing parking spots, you will waste real estate, incur additional rental expenses, and eventually lose staff. 

Top 6 approaches to corporate parking issues 

Parking concerns influence all levels of the organisation. It is also the initial interaction they will have before approaching your firm. Therefore, it is necessary to deliver reasonable and easy parking options for your staff, which helps them feel valued inside the organisation. 

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to manage employees' travel to and from work. The following options prioritise your independence and convenience. Concentrate on your needs and locate the optimal solution that meets them. Here are some suggestions for implementing in your office. 

1. Software for Parking Management that automates the parking procedure 

Companies must keep up with the times. As technology advances, businesses should implement an efficient parking management system. It is the most effective and cost-effective method for managing parking lots. You may reduce your business's carbon footprint by using an automated parking system.

Numerous employees work from home. Thus it is uncertain when they will physically return to the workplace. Employees may change their job roles and the condition of their allotted parking place using this program. This automated system increases the profitability of parking spaces. 

2. Encourage other modes of transportation

Motivating staff to work in different ways may seem like a simple strategy. However, it is difficult for businesses to get consumers to exit their automobiles. One successful method is to make them aware of the benefits of taking public transportation or carpooling. Consequently, employees may avoid traffic, save money and time, and benefit the environment. 

Your organisation may go above and above by providing unique transportation advantages. For instance, acquiring transit passes can facilitate your employees' use of public transportation. This shift will encourage people to employ similar modes of transportation outside their everyday commute. 

Motivate individuals who dislike taking public transportation to switch to carpooling. Carpooling also relieves the firm of the burden of locating enough parking spaces. The advantages of carpooling are numerous: 

  • Reduces travel costs
  • Saves cost on fuels
  • Reduces the number of taxis on the road
  • Maintains a low carbon footprint 

3. Implement parking fees for staff 

To put it simply, your staff must pay for parking at work. This approach may appear harsh, but it is the most effective strategy to minimise vehicle dependence while saving the environment. You might begin with a parking scheme that provides a certain number of free parking days each month to employees. To park on non-workdays, employees must pay an extra fee. 

You may also provide staff additional incentives in the form of parking credit. Many businesses, such as KPMG and Renault, compensate their staff or motivate users to leave their automobiles at home. Employers discover that paying employees not to drive is less expensive than renting parking places. 

4. The companies might use car rental agencies for this purpose

Another fantastic strategy to avoid parking troubles is to discourage your staff from driving to work. Instead, your organisation can form partnerships with automobile rental service providers such as Uber and Lyft. The automobile rental provider will manage the transportation of your staff, saving your firm from incurring the hefty cost of renting parking places. 

If you're considering using a corporate travel management service, you should seek a business with a large fleet of vehicles and drivers that are both competent and polite. An experienced company understands how to manage a huge staff, and a large fleet guarantees that its employees work around the clock. 

5. Ask employees for wholesome, innovative ideas 

As a practice at your company, you might invite your staff to come up with unique and healthy ideas, perhaps in the form of a contest. It would be more appropriate for employees residing closer to the office building. They can likely ride a bicycle, walk, or perhaps jog to the office, where they will take a shower before beginning their day. These approaches alleviate the parking problem and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

6. Rent additional parking places as required 

As a result of enterprises bringing staff back to the workplace after a long absence due to Covid, parking lots are frequently full. Then, your business may hire more parking places to fit more vehicles. 

3 locations that provide easy access to free parking spaces 

These locations provide easy access to free parking spaces: 

1. Car Parks

Businesses might call a nearby local car park to check available parking spaces. Most parking garages have sufficient space to accommodate an adequate number of vehicles. If the operator agrees to a long-term rental agreement, you can receive a discount. Daily or weekly short-term programs are also available. 

2. Community Groups

They make the most of opportunities that provide them with an additional source of cash. As they work primarily on weekends and evenings, their spaces are excellent for outdoor parking rental spots. Community centers and athletic organisations are ideal locations to obtain additional parking spots for your business. 

3. Real Estate Firms

Real estate firms are eager to rent out a great deal of space. In metropolitan locations, examples include apartment buildings or undeveloped land. Upon establishing contact with real estate firms, your organisation will have no trouble locating suitable rental properties. 

Benefits of offering commuting services to your employees

Since they no longer have to take public transportation or drive their vehicle to the office, there is an immediate reduction in stress levels. It immediately correlates to increased productivity during work hours. 

Now that they have the time and space to utilise the laptop for urgent projects, your staff may get a head start on the day. 

The improvement in employee performance is directly proportional to the company's success and profitability. 

Transportation advantages have become one of the most sought-after perks that employees demand from their employers and are thus crucial to your company's image. 

Saying goodbye to business parking issues 

As the post-covid world adjusts to new modes of working, the commute habits of employees are changing. You can only control and help employees when they adopt new transportation options as an employer. However, applying these six strategies might catalyse a significant psychological and behavioral shift among your staff. 

Not everyone will immediately adopt these new parking procedures. In the long run, though, the planet will be grateful if you can eliminate at least 50 percent of parking places or develop shared parking spaces. We must all do our bit to assist the economy and the environment, both as individuals and global community members, by implementing the car park management system.

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