15 Crazy Marketing Ideas for Hairstylists: Get More Clients in Your Hair Salon Today!

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April 24, 2024

If you're a hairstylist, you know that the competition in the beauty industry is fierce. With so many salons out there, it can be challenging to stand out and attract new clients.

If you're a hairstylist or run a salon like Aisha's threading salon, you know that the competition in the beauty industry is fierce. With so many salons out there, it can be challenging to stand out and attract new clients.

That's where marketing comes in - it's an essential tool to help you reach potential clients and retain existing ones. In this article, we'll explore 15 crazy marketing ideas for hairstylists that can help take your salon to the next level.

Key Takeaways on Marketing Ideas for Hairstylists

  1. Importance of Marketing: Helps in attracting new clients, retaining existing ones, and building brand awareness.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Showcase your work on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, and engage with potential clients through Facebook Live Q&A sessions.
  3. Referral Programs: Encourage word-of-mouth referrals by offering incentives and making the referral process easy and rewarding for clients.
  4. Special Events: Host charity events or fashion shows to create buzz around your salon and engage with the local community.
  5. Unique Services: Offer mobile haircuts and in-home styling sessions to cater to busy clients and provide personalised experiences.
  6. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with local influencers and beauty bloggers to promote your salon and reach new audiences.
  7. Loyalty Programs: Implement rewards points systems and provide exclusive discounts to show appreciation to loyal clients.
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The Importance of Marketing for Hair Salons

Marketing is all about getting your name out there and showcasing what makes your salon unique. By using different marketing tactics, you can attract new clients who may not have heard of your salon before or retain existing ones who may be considering trying out a new stylist. In addition to bringing in new clients and retaining existing ones, marketing also helps build brand awareness.

When people see consistent messaging and branding across various platforms, they begin to recognise and remember your salon. This increased brand recognition can lead to more word-of-mouth referrals, which are some of the most valuable forms of advertising.

Attracting New Clients and Retaining Existing Ones

The 15 crazy marketing ideas we'll explore in this article are designed with two goals in mind: attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. Attracting new clients is crucial for growing your business, but retaining existing ones is just as important - after all, repeat business is what keeps salons thriving.

By incorporating these unique marketing ideas into your salon's strategy, you can create a buzz around your brand and offer something that sets you apart from other salons in the area. From social media marketing to special events to loyalty programs - we've got 15 creative ideas that will help take your hair salon marketing strategy to the next level!

Social Media Marketing

Use Instagram to showcase before-and-after transformations

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for hairstylists to showcase their work. One of the best ways to utilise Instagram is by showcasing before-and-after transformations of clients.

This not only highlights the stylist's skills but also gives potential clients a visual representation of what they can expect from the salon. To maximise engagement on Instagram, use an Instagram highlights viewer to manage and display your top transformations and styling tips easily.

Encourage them to share the post with their followers, which will increase your reach and potentially attract new clients. Also, make sure your Instagram profile is up-to-date and visually appealing with high-quality photos that represent your brand.

Creating TikTok videos to showcase unique styling techniques

TikTok is another social media platform that has become popular among hairstylists. It allows them to showcase their creativity and unique styling techniques in short, engaging video clips.

By doing so, hairstylists can attract a younger demographic that may not typically visit a salon. To create TikTok videos that stand out, be creative with styling techniques and use popular music trends or sounds.

Use hashtags relevant to your content and collaborate with other stylists or influencers for increased exposure. TikTok videos can also be repurposed on other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook for added visibility.

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are crucial for hair salons and hairdressers to attract and retain customers. These platforms allow salons to showcase their team's work, used like a digital portfolio. This increases overall visibility and reach, helps build a loyal following, engage with existing clients and entice new clients.

By posting pictures and videos of our clients' hair transformations on Instagram, we can attract new customers who are looking for inspiration or ideas for their own hair. TikTok, on the other hand, is a more playful and creative platform that can help hair salons showcase their personality and connect with younger audiences.

Matilda - Head of Brand Development, Josh Wood Colour

Hosting a Facebook Live Q&A with a stylist

Facebook Live is a great way to engage with potential clients in real-time and build brand awareness online. One idea is hosting a Q&A session where viewers can ask questions about haircare tips or hairstyle recommendations directly from a stylist. Promote the live session beforehand on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram stories, so viewers know when it will take place.

Encourage viewers to ask questions during the session and answer them in detail while promoting the salon's services. The Q&A session can be saved and shared afterward, reaching even more potential clients who missed the live event.

Referral Programs

Word of Mouth is Powerful - Encourage Your Clients to Spread the Word

One of the most effective ways to attract new clients is through word of mouth. People are more likely to trust a service or product that has been recommended by someone they know and trust. A referral program is one way to encourage your current clients to spread the word about your hair salon.

Offering discounts or free services for referring friends and family can be a great incentive for your current clients. For example, you could offer a discount on their next haircut or a free styling session if they refer someone who becomes a new client.

This not only rewards your loyal clients but also provides an incentive for them to recommend your salon. Partnering with local businesses to cross-promote services can also help attract new clients through referrals.

For example, you could partner with a local spa or nail salon and offer discounts on each other's services when referred by either business. This not only expands your reach but also creates mutual benefits for both businesses.

Make it Easy for Clients to Refer Their Friends and Family

To make sure that your referral program is successful, you need to make it easy for your clients to refer their friends and family. Provide them with referral cards that they can hand out or share on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

You could even create an email template that they can use to easily share the referral program with their contacts. Make sure that the process of referring is simple, straightforward, and rewarding.

Track Referrals and Reward Accordingly

It's important to track referrals so that you can reward accordingly. You could use a simple spreadsheet or software designed specifically for tracking referrals. When offering rewards, make sure they are valuable enough that people will want to participate in the program but not so expensive that it negatively impacts your bottom line.

Keep track of the number of referrals and reward your clients accordingly. This not only incentivises referrals but also shows gratitude to your loyal clients.

Referral programs are a great way to attract new clients and retain existing ones. By offering incentives and making it easy for your clients to refer their friends and family, you can grow your business through word of mouth.

Partnering with local businesses can also expand your reach and provide mutual benefits for both businesses involved. Don't forget to track referrals and reward accordingly, as this will show gratitude towards loyal clients and incentivise them to continue referring others.

Special Events

Hosting a charity event where proceeds go towards a local organisation

One fantastic marketing idea for hair salons is hosting a charity event where proceeds go towards a local organisation. Not only will this event help to raise money for a good cause, it will also give your salon some great publicity.

To start, consider partnering with a local non-profit or charity that is close to your heart. You can then organise the event and promote it on social media, in-store signage and by word of mouth.

To make the most of this marketing opportunity, ensure that the community knows what you're doing and why you're doing it. Promote the event extensively on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where most people spend their time.

Share information about the cause you are supporting and how the salon's efforts will benefit that cause. Consider reaching out to some local influencers who may be able to help you spread the word about your fundraising efforts.

Organising a fashion show featuring hairstyles created by salon stylists

Organising a fashion show featuring hairstyles created by salon stylists can also be an excellent way to market your hair salon services while having fun at the same time! If you have an eye for style or are passionate about fashion, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills while promoting your business.

To get started, host an open casting call at your salon for models or reach out to aspiring models through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Once you have selected the models who will be walking in your show, work closely with them on their hair styling needs so that they look their best on stage.

On the day of the fashion show, ensure that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. Promote this event heavily on all relevant social media platforms using hashtags like #fashionshow #hairstyling #beautyindustry etc. Also, consider inviting local media outlets to cover the event, and make sure you have enough staff on hand to handle any questions or sales inquiries from attendees!

Unique Services

Offering Mobile Haircuts for Busy Clients

One of the major reasons that people don't visit the salon as often as they should is that they just don't have the time. Between work, family obligations, and social events, it can be tough to carve out even an hour to sit in a stylist's chair.

That's where offering mobile haircuts comes in. By going directly to clients' homes or offices, you're eliminating one of the biggest obstacles standing between them and a fresh cut.

The convenience factor alone is enough to convince many clients to give your mobile services a try. And once they do, they're likely to become loyal customers for years to come.

As an added bonus, offering mobile haircuts also allows you to reach a wider range of clients who live outside of your immediate area. By becoming known as the go-to stylist for busy people on-the-go, you'll quickly build up a reputation as someone who truly cares about their clients' needs.

To get started with this service, all you need is a reliable vehicle and some basic equipment like scissors and clippers. You may also want to invest in some portable styling tools like a blow dryer or curling iron so that you can offer more comprehensive services wherever you go.

Providing In-Home Styling Sessions for Special Events

If there's one thing people love more than looking good on a regular day, it's looking absolutely stunning on a special occasion like their wedding day or prom night. That's why providing in-home styling sessions is another great way to attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back year after year. The key with this service is making sure that everything is just right for your client's big event - from their hairdo down to their makeup and accessories.

To do this, you'll need to have a keen eye for detail and be able to work with your client to create a look that truly showcases their individual style. Another important factor to consider when providing in-home styling services is your equipment.

You'll need to have everything on hand from styling products and tools, to mirrors and chairs. You may also want to invest in some portable lighting equipment so that you can create the perfect ambiance for your client's big moment.


Offering unique services like mobile haircuts and in-home styling sessions is an excellent way to set yourself apart from other stylists in your area. By going above and beyond what's expected, you're showing your clients that you truly care about their needs and are willing to go the extra mile to help them look their best.

If you're interested in offering these types of services, start by reaching out to existing clients and seeing if they'd be interested in trying them out. Once you've built up a solid base of satisfied customers, word of mouth will start spreading - bringing new clients through your door on a regular basis!

Influencer Partnerships

Partnering with Local Influencers

In today's digital world, social media influencers are becoming increasingly influential when it comes to promoting products and services. By partnering with local influencers who have a significant following on social media, hair salons can create buzz about their services and attract new clients.

One way to partner with local influencers is to offer them complimentary services in exchange for a post on their social media accounts. This can be particularly effective if the influencer has an engaged audience that is interested in beauty and fashion.

Another option is to invite local influencers to visit the salon for a day of pampering, where they can try out various services and share their experience on social media. This not only creates buzz about the salon but also helps to build relationships with key influencers in the community.

Collaborating with Beauty Bloggers

In addition to partnering with local influencers, hair salons can also collaborate with beauty bloggers to create sponsored content featuring their products and services. Beauty bloggers often have a large following on social media and are trusted sources of information when it comes to beauty trends and products.

To collaborate with beauty bloggers, salons can offer them free or discounted services in exchange for a review or feature on their blog or social media channels. This not only helps promote the salon's services but also helps build relationships with influential bloggers in the industry.

Salons may also consider hosting events specifically for beauty bloggers, where they can try out various treatments and learn more about the salon's offerings. This type of event not only builds relationships but also provides an opportunity for salons to showcase what makes them unique compared to other salons in the area.


Influencer partnerships can be an effective way for hair salons to reach new audiences and build relationships within their community. By partnering with local influencers and beauty bloggers, salons can create buzz about their services, build credibility, and ultimately attract new clients. When done correctly, influencer partnerships can be a win-win for both the salon and the influencer or blogger, leading to long-term relationships that benefit everyone involved.

Loyalty Programs

Offering rewards points for each visit that can be redeemed for free services or products

One of the best ways to keep clients coming back is by offering them rewards for their loyalty. A loyalty program can be as simple as offering a punch card that gets stamped with each visit, and when the card is filled, the client gets a free service or product.

Another option is to create a digital loyalty program that uses an app or online platform where clients can track their points and redeem them for rewards. This not only incentivises return visits but also creates a sense of community and engagement with the salon.

Providing exclusive discounts and promotions to

Another way to show appreciation to loyal clients is by offering exclusive discounts and promotions. This could include special pricing on certain services or products, early access to new offerings, or even VIP events just for loyal customers. The key here is to make the client feel valued and appreciated for their patronage.

Marketing your hair salon isn't just about promoting your services; it's about building relationships with your clients and creating an experience that keeps them coming back. By using social media platforms, hosting special events, partnering with influencers, providing unique services like mobile haircuts or in-home styling sessions, creating referral programs, offering loyalty programs, and providing exclusive discounts and promotions - hairstylists can attract new clients while retaining existing ones.

It takes creativity and commitment but investing in marketing strategies pays off in higher revenue growth over time. So go ahead - try out some of these crazy marketing ideas at your salon today!

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