3 Signs That the Self-employed Life May Be Right for You

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April 3, 2023

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Not too long ago, virtually no one was self-employed, and the vast majority of people had to resign themselves to the fact of turning up at work each day, by a specific time, while wearing the right outfit, and then getting their head down and grinding away under the watchful eye of a variety of bosses and supervisors.

That business model seems to suit certain people pretty well. But, in a time when long-term job security is nowhere near what it used to be, and where a huge array of new opportunities have appeared to present themselves, even the most contented traditional workers might benefit from moving towards the self-employed life.

With the internet opening up whole new markets and professional opportunities, and with the invention of tools such as the portable point of sale terminal streamlining the processes of business, there are very few reasons not to at least consider it.

Here are a few signs that the self-employed life may be right for you.

You feel like you’re wasting your time in your day job

Life is fundamentally too short to spend doing work that you find ultimately meaningless, unfulfilling, and depressing. Each of us is required, by circumstance, to spend a significant chunk of our time on this earth committed to our jobs. So those jobs better have something going for them, other than the promise of paying the bills.

If you feel like you’re wasting your time in your current job, making a change and becoming your own boss can allow you to rediscover a greater degree of purpose and meaning in your professional life.

When all is said and done, work done on your own behalf is virtually always going to feel more meaningful than work done on behalf of someone else’s company.

You’re a creative person with all sorts of ideas that you’d like to explore

In your current job, you likely have a pretty limited scope for exploring your own natural creativity. If you’re an exceptionally creative person, this is likely to be pretty hard on you.

When you’re self-employed and are running your own business, however, you have pretty unlimited scope for exploring new ideas, and with how you strategise and organise things in your professional life.

Your speciality might be something like finance, or fitness equipment, but a part of you wants to write a book. When you run your own business, there’s nothing to stop you doing so, as another prong of your strategy and approach.

The idea of being your own boss and taking your destiny into your own hands genuinely excites you

Some people seem to just naturally have a strong, inbuilt entrepreneurial spark. If you’re one of those people — working for yourself is likely to be one of the most uplifting things you can do, whereas working for someone else, indefinitely, might well feel like torture.

Follow your natural inclination in this regard, and if you’re drawn to carve out your own niche in the professional world, have the courage to do so with confidence

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