3 Ways to Stay Productive When Working From Home

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February 8, 2024

All across the world, people are finding themselves working from home for the first time. Anyone who has done it themselves will know that it can be difficult to stay productive surrounded by so many distractions and comforts of home.

In this guide, we are going to cover three simple and effective strategies for maintaining a highly productive output, whatever type of work you do, when you are working from home.

Key Takeaways on Staying Productive When Working From Home:

  1. Give Structure to Your Day with a Routine and Rules: Implementing a strict routine, including set times for waking up, breaks, and lunch, is crucial for maintaining discipline and productivity when working from home.
  2. Try Blocking Social Media During Work Hours: Using apps and software to block access to social media sites during work hours can significantly reduce distractions and help maintain focus on work tasks.
  3. Define Your Workspace at Home: Creating a dedicated home office space, ideally with ergonomic furniture like height-adjustable desks, is essential for staying focused, organised, and maintaining good posture, which in turn supports productivity.
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Give Structure to Your Day with a Routine and Rules

Self-discipline is the key to success, and if you don’t set yourself some rules and stick to a routine it will be easy to fall into the trap of waking up late and wasting time in front of the television.

Structure your day, with a strict waking up time on workdays and set times for breaks and lunch. Make sure they break up your day in a way that helps you. Waiting until later for lunch, for instance, can help you stay productive in the afternoons, with the end of the day closer. Don’t forget to take regular breaks, to rest your eyes from too much screen time and avoid getting fatigued or burnt out.

Try Blocking Social Media During Work Hours

Social media uses up a lot of our time; more than we realise. It is incredibly easy to lose a lot of time scrolling through tweets and Instagram posts when you should be working.

There are software and apps available that can help you with this. These blocking apps prevent you from being able to access social media sites during set hours. You can block yourself from social media and remove the temptation, with the help of one of these simple apps and web browser add-ons.

Define Your Workspace at Home

You cannot be productive from a couch. If you use a laptop or tablet to get your work done, it can be tempting to sit down on your sofa and work from a coffee table, but this is really bad for productivity as well as posture.

Make a home office space to work from. This will help you to stay focussed on your tasks and will also be more convenient as you can keep the things you need within reach. It also helps keep your home tidy and your work life organised instead of scattered all over your home.

Height-adjustable desks are a great ergonomic solution to working from home. HADO has a range of height-adjustable desks to suit all styles and needs, so you can find the perfect desk to suit your space and your body, one that lets you work comfortably from your new home office.

In the transition to working from home, maintaining an organised workspace is crucial for productivity. To achieve this, working with a professional organizer service can be a game-changer. Such services specialise in decluttering and organising your home office, (as well as the other rooms in your home) ensuring that your environment promotes focus and efficiency. An organised space can significantly reduce distractions and help streamline your workflow, making it easier to stay on top of tasks.

Working from home doesn’t need to have a negative impact on your productivity. Rather, it should be an opportunity to increase your output while you thrive in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of becoming toocomfortable and easily distracted and make sure you set yourself someboundaries and rules to help keep your working day structured and yourproductivity levels up. Toptal CEO shares some insight on the pandemic's impact on the market forfreelance labour in such categories as artificial intelligence, softwareengineering, finance, and project management.

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