4 Lessons Small Business Owners Can Earn from SEO Pros

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October 26, 2023

Setting up a small business is easier than ever these days, and it shows. In the US, for instance, over 180,000 small businesses opened, rather than closed, between March 2021 and 2022. In part, access to digital technologies has lowered the barrier for fledgling entrepreneurs. As long as a person has a reliable internet connection and a smartphone, at the very least, they can start marketing their wares and accepting and fulfilling orders from customers. 

Still, putting up a business, no matter how small it may be, comes with its own set of risks and challenges. It’s always a plus to have a mentor who can help newbie business owners find their way through the competitive online selling landscape.

A trustworthy SEO company can offer examples of effective strategies that will enable a small business to establish its roots and find its path in a highly digital marketplace. SEO specialists have successfully accomplished these things for other businesses over the years, so following the examples they’ve set will give your business a better shot at doing the same thing. There are a few key guidelines and practices that should be referenced when implementing a successful digital marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways: SEO for Small Business Owners

  1. Importance of a website: Having a website is crucial for businesses of all sizes, as it provides a reliable means for potential customers to find your products or services.
  2. Use online sales channels: Your website can act as an active sales channel, and optimizing product and service descriptions can make it easier for customers to complete their purchases.
  3. Focus on customer experience: Ensure your website offers a smooth user experience, from fast loading times to easy navigation and accessible payment options, as this will impact customers' perception of your brand.
  4. Consistency is key: Building a successful business, like SEO, requires consistent effort and progress tracking. Continuously work on improving your online sales channels and expanding customer options.
  5. Consider partnering with SEO professionals: Working with an SEO company can help improve your online presence, enhance your website's performance, and provide valuable insights into growth strategies.
Online Business Startup

Here are some of the lessons from SEO companies that you can apply to your own commercial venture:

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Find Your Online Store

A business will always benefit from having its own website. This is true for multinational conglomerates, microbusinesses, and everything else in between. It’s especially important for small businesses that don’t have a physical store to solidify their efforts in establishing their online outlets. With your own website, your small business will still have a reliable means of being found by prospective customers even if you lack a brick-and-mortar shop.

SEO professionals understand the importance of cultivating one’s online presence in order to attract more business. In fact, this is one of the many things they do for their clients. If a business they work with does not yet have a website, a full-service digital agency will endeavour to make one.

When working with a business that already has a website, an SEO company will apply enhancements to the website so that it can appear to customers who are looking for a related product, service, or geolocation. Honing in on this strategy with an SEO partner will allow your customers to know that you offer exactly what they’re looking for, and they can rely on your business to fulfil a particular need. 

Recognise the Value of Online Sales Channels to Your Business

Your website is not just an online representation of your business, as it can also be an active sales channel for your store. Just like a brick-and-mortar shop, you should make an effort to organise your products and services on your website so that your prospective customers can find them at the click of a button.

SEO experts do the same thing by optimising the description of each and every product and service that their customers are offering online. That means that people who are shopping on the website can easily see the items that correspond to their searches. This, in turn, can make it easy for them to fill their cart, complete their shopping list, and push through with their purchase. 

Give Your Customers an Excellent Experience with Every Interaction

Small businesses mostly interact with their customers through their websites. As such, it’s a must to enhance the kind of experience that shoppers can expect from your online store. This means paying attention to how fast the website loads, how easy it is for users to navigate the website and find the items that they are looking for, and how quickly they can find the payment options that the website accepts.

These are aspects that SEO experts also pay special attention to when optimising a website. The experience that these customers take away from each point of interaction on your website reflects on your business and affects your online customers’ perception of your brand. Thus, if you are able to provide your customers with smooth interactions, then your customers can think of your brand as a convenient option whenever they’re in need of a particular product or service.

Be Consistent in Your Efforts to Build Your Brand and Network

Building a business, like SEO, takes time and consistent effort. SEO experts spend days coming up with strategies to improve rankings, optimise websites, and track the outcome of their campaigns. Focusing on their progress enables SEO professionals to slowly, but surely help their clients reach their specific goals for their online sales channels.

In the same vein, you should also make consistent efforts to improve your business. For example, it might not be feasible to accept a wide variety of payment options on your website from the get-go, but you can slowly work your way toward expanding your customers’ online payment options. Be consistent with your efforts to grow your business, and you’ll be able to make certain progress as you go through your entrepreneurial journey.

There are plenty of things that newbie business owners can pick up from watching SEO experts, but it’s also possible to work directly with these SEO service providers to learn more from them. Perhaps commissioning the services of an SEO company will help you improve the performance of your online sales channels and expose you to more practical strategies for growing your operations. 

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