5 Green Changes You Can Make In Your Company

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April 5, 2024

Most business owners would likely agree that they could be greener. However, the truth is that even small changes can have a big impact on the environment, especially in businesses and manufacturing. Having a phase 1 esa carried out is one such move that businesses can make. This assessment helps to identify potential or existing environmental issues, such as contamination concerns. As more people recognise the value of corporate social responsibility and the environmental impact that operational and purchasing processes can have on a business, it's critical to consider how you can become more eco-friendly for the sake of your company's reputation among customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Key Takeaways on Green Changes to Make in Your Business:

  • Use Green Products: Transition to eco-friendly office supplies, like reusable coffee cups and recyclable stationery, and opt for marketing materials made from recycled content.
  • Use Sustainable Suppliers: Evaluate your suppliers' commitment to sustainability and seek those with eco-friendly products and practices, or request their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies to ensure alignment with your green goals.
  • Use Less Energy: Implement energy-saving measures such as switching to LED lighting, optimising thermostat settings for efficiency, and investing in energy-efficient office equipment.
  • Add Greenery to the Office: Introduce plants to improve indoor air quality and enhance the workplace environment, ensuring they are well-maintained either by staff or a professional service.
  • Use Less Water: Address water conservation by fixing leaks and consulting with experts on reducing water usage, including considering eco-friendly water systems to minimise waste.
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As Gen Z becomes of age, they join the throngs of younger Millennials who choose to change with their wallets and make more conscious and eco-friendly choices regarding who they shop with and the companies they want to work for. So investing in being more green in your business practices will help you appeal to a wider audience.

What are the best eco-friendly changes to make in your company?

Use Green Products

Eliminate single-use plastic from your company and encourage staff and clients to use greener alternatives such as reusable coffee cups. Switch to recyclable or reusable pens and stationery for the whole office, and look for eco-friendly swaps for any consumables you use to run your business. Apply this to marketing and promotional material too. For example, choose printed kraft business cards that use recycled materials and switch to brown paper for wrapping and packing.

Use Sustainable Suppliers

Obtaining more eco-friendly disposables or products can be as simple as asking your current suppliers to provide a more environmentally friendly service or product range or even requesting a copy of their CSR Policy. Many other businesses will ask the same questions as you as more companies look to improve their green credentials. If your current suppliers don't have any green products or aren't interested in becoming more environmentally friendly, start looking for other sustainable providers.

Meanwhile, it's also important to consider what you're currently purchasing and whether any internal or external changes can be made to improve your eco-credentials quickly.

Use Less Energy

Switch your lighting to more energy-efficient lighting such as LED bulbs or automatic lighting that turns on and off when people enter and leave the room. Turn down the thermostat and keep your premises at a consistent temperature to avoid excessive heating. Replace equipment with energy-efficient models that consume less energy and can reduce your energy bills too.

Add Greenery to the Office

Go green literally by adding plants to your office. Plants can help to increase oxygen levels in a room and improve air quality, making it healthier for everyone. Plus, they also make any area look more attractive and can add talking points for visitors. Plants need little maintenance but have a dedicated staff member to tend to them, or a company comes in and takes care of plants and shrubbery to keep them looking their best and healthy all year round.

Use Less Water

This is one way to help you save money while also helping the environment. For example, fixing leaky faucets can literally save your company gallons of water, so check to see if this is happening. If you're not sure how to make changes in your business specifically related to water, seek advice from a plumbing expert on reducing your water footprint. You could also look into alternatives such as eco-friendly water systems to reduce waste.

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