6 Ways To Get Started With Digital Advertising in 2022

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March 17, 2023

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You cannot downplay the importance of advertising to any business. Good advertisement sits between the profits and losses that a company can make. For start-ups, advertising can be the factor that determines if the business will survive or not. It can be difficult to choose which type of advertising since it involves various factors such as your business goals, your product or service, how much capital that is allocated for marketing and more such aspects. 

Advertising offers businesses many benefits. Some of the benefits of advertising include increasing sales, fighting industrial competition, and educating consumers. Advertising will also help you push new products by letting the customers know there is a new product or service they should consider trying.

What is Digital Advertising?

Over time the face of advertising has changed. Traditionally, people would pay to get their products advertised through the available media. The common media included radio, posters, and newspapers. Later on, people started advertising on television, and the latest addition today is the internet.

Digital advertising uses the internet as a medium to pass advertisement information. The common channels include websites, social media platforms, and streaming services. There are several other types of digital advertising available today. You need to select the channel that is best suited for your marketing objectives.

Digital advertising offers benefits for companies. You can get your advertisements on the international market at low costs. There are also tools to analyse the effectiveness of your advertisement campaign so that you can analyse its impact in real time. 

Finally, the internet provides tools for targeted advertising and marketing. The result is your content is sent directly to interested parties. This will help bring up sales and save you time. So how can you get started on digital marketing? 

1. Get Your Email Campaign Started

Emails are one of the easiest ways to do direct advertisements to clients. If you offer services or goods on your website, you probably have a vast library of email addresses at your disposal. Use them to keep in contact with your customers.

Use emails as an avenue to bring back customers to your website and shop for more. You can also advertise new products you think your customers are interested in. Also, consider automating your email campaign using automation tools. The tools will bring better results than using intuition to manage emails.

The software sends regular emails to your customers on your behalf. This takes away the worry of losing touch with your customers. Make sure you send thank customers for purchases. It will make your customers feel appreciated and want to purchase more.

If you want to take your campaign to the next level, consider combining your email automation with your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). The software system will help send more personalised emails to your clients. The system will also help you send more relevant advertisements and coupons to them.

2. Optimise Your Website to Accommodate Mobile Users

Smartphones are slowly taking over the internet since their introduction compared to computers. According to research, about 59.4 % of all web traffic was from mobile phones. Smartphones are becoming the preferred way to browse the internet for most users. 

Sadly most websites are not optimised for mobile phones. The result is that users will spend a lot of time squinting and zooming in and out to look at your content. In other cases, icons and images are not rendered on the screen accurately. All these factors result in negative user experiences.

Users are less likely to visit websites that offer a horrible experience, so your traffic will reduce. The reduction in visits will negatively impact your business. You can avoid all this by developing a mobile-friendly website.

Today, it is easy to develop a website that will work well across all platforms, including consoles. Take time to ensure that your web developer caters to every user and your website runs with the same efficiency across devices.

3. Use Video Content to Advertise

Visual content is one of the best ways to advertise. Most users find it easy to watch a video rather than read through paragraphs of text. Videos also give you a better chance of keeping your audience entertained while marketing your products. You have that one ad that you remember from long ago.

Through creative writing, storytelling, and visual effects you can persuade consumers into making purchases. Your emails will also get better responses if they have accompanying videos that support the advertisement. 

Let us take a look at Apple. The company has taken advertisement to a different level by making it an event. Millions of users wait for the periodic Apple events, in which the company reveals new products. The number is mainly because of how good their visual content presentation is. 

You should also match the visual content with a good audio experience. 

Use sound to your advantage. Jingles have always been a great way to keep your product on people's minds. You should use music that compliments your message. The music you use can be artistic, such as the synchronised beat drops and transitions you see in videos.

4. Partner With Influencers

You might not have the capital to create an event like Apple or other tech giants, but there are similar and cheaper ways you can go about it. You can partner with content creators and social media influencers to create advertisements for your company. 

Partner with people with authority who can move the masses to consume your products. You will stand to benefit from their large following across social media platforms. Their job will be to convert their followers into your customers.

Influencers can be used in many different ways to your advantage. They can establish brand ambassadorships, hold giveaway competitions, provide discount codes, or just vlog and blog. Through the relationship, you may quickly and easily reach large numbers of individuals with little effort. 

The partnerships are also flexible, meaning you can always negotiate for more out of the deal. This partnership can also increase your credibility because most influencers are selective about who they partner with. You will benefit from the additional trust backing if you are new in the market.

5. Remarket Your Products

Resilience in advertising is what converts prospective buyers into customers. Most consumers need to be nudged, ever so slightly, to make a purchase they were considering. That is why you need to remarket your products.

Remarketing is the process of advertising a product to targets who have already engaged with a product or service. On the internet, remarketing is made possible by cookies. The cookies enable you to learn about your users and track them across the internet.

Once a user has visited your website and viewed products, you can use third-party advertisers such as Google ads to remarket the product for you. The user will receive an advertisement for the product they viewed on your website earlier.

Remarketing is quite effective since advertising your product again results in a purchase. The customer is already aware of the product, and you only need to remind them to buy it. You can also use remarketing to advertise products left in online carts.

You can email your users and remind them of the products they left on their online cart. This will prompt them to get the product or go shopping for more items.

6. Use Blogs

You can easily get organic traffic to your website using blogs. Blogs have always been a go-to medium to push the business agenda. You can use search engine optimisation to push your blog to the first page for content related to your business. 

Get acquainted with the different metrics that will help your content displayed on the first page of web search results. This will help you advertise your products easily, and cheaply and get organic traffic on your website. Blogs will help increase your customer experience and satisfaction while also increasing the metrics of your website for better ranking in searches.

If you have any video about your business, you can embed that video with your blog, which in turn help you drive more traffic to your site and improve your business. Embedding video is one of the SEO ranking factor to rank your content on Google SERP and help you to increase visibility for online business. Blogs can be a great medium to increase your ROI without much of capital investment. 


If you want to give your business any chance against the competition in the industry, you should look to digital advertising. The internet offers different avenues for you to promote your business, so take advantage and use as many as possible.

You should also take advantage of the different tools available to you online and do targeted marketing. Target marketing will increase your conversion rates and boost your profits. Also, use remarketing to nudge customers into buying products they have viewed. However, do not overuse remarketing, it can be annoying seeing the same ad across the internet.

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