7 Best Digital Business Card Solutions in 2023

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March 21, 2024

Finding the best digital business card solutions in 2023 can throw you down a rabbit hole of options, and you might have reached here by falling into one of those holes. 

But getting a digital business card solution for any purpose should not be that challenging. Transitioning from physical cards will be easy if you know what features you need. 

Do you need customisability? Is pricing your top concern? Do you need it to be scalable? Is it the security that you are prioritising? Are you looking for integration with other tech stacks? 

If you want to get a practical overview of the best digital business card solutions available, their features, and pricing, you’ve come to the right place. I have spent hours breaking down the seven best digital business card solutions so you don’t have to.

Key Takeaways on Best Digital Business Card Solutions

  1. 7 Best Digital Business Card Solutions in 2023: QRCodeChimp, Uniqode, Blinq, Mobilo, HiHello, SnapDat, Kado, and Haystack.
  2. Digital business cards are cost-effective, eco-friendly, easy to update, and provide a better customer experience.
  3. These solutions offer features like customisability, security, scalability, and integration with other tech stacks.
  4. Uniqode stands out for being SOC2 Type II and GDPR compliant, offering bulk creation, and integrating with 4000+ CRMs and HR tools.
  5. Pricing varies across solutions, with many offering free versions and paid plans starting from $2.99/month to $6/month.
  6. Digital business cards are ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises looking to enhance their networking efforts and stay up-to-date with technology.
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7 Best Digital Business Card Solutions To Try In 2023

Choosing the right electronic business card solution is like choosing the right business coach for your business. So, let’s begin the search for the best digital business card coach for your business:

1. QRCodeChimp

QRCodeChimp Digital Business Cards

QRCodeChimp Digital Business Card is the best digital business card platform in the market for its unparalleled customisation, ease of use and sharing, enterprise-grade security, and management features. Rated 4.9/5 on G2, QRCodeChimp helps you create professional digital business cards, share them using QR codes and NFC,and even save them to your Apple Wallet. 

Features that stood out:

  • QRCodeChimp offers enterprise-grade security and compliance with all security protocols and data protection regulations.
  • You can share QRCodeChimp’s Digital Business Cards with QR codes and NFC and also save them to your Apple Wallet. 
  • It provides 20+ digital business card templates and several other customisation options to help you create unique and professional business cards that make a lasting impression. 
  • The bulk creation feature allows you to create thousands of digital business cards at once. QRCodeChimp also provides APIs to generate digital business cards at a blazing-fast pace. 
  • You get comprehensive analytics of your digital business cards, including total visits, location of scans, device information, and browser data. You can also integrate your digital business cards with Google Analytics for seamless retargeting. 
  • QRCodeChimp offers whitelabeling and other branding features to align your digital business cards with your brand and ensure brand consistency.
  • There are management features like folders and sub accounts for easy organisation and access management.


QRCodeChimp has a forever-free plan offering up to 10 digital business cards. Paid plans start at $6.99 per month, and there’s a 15-day guaranteed refund policy.

2. Uniqode

Beaconstac Digital Business Card
Uniqode Digital Business Card

Uniqode is an industry-leading digital business card solution rated 4.9 on G2. The solution lets you create digital business cards with a QR code for easy sharing and for ROI-driven networking. It comes with an intuitive dashboard and pre-built templates to choose from, making the overall solution extremely easy to use. While I thought it was only for enterprises, the flexible plans and features accommodate all needs equally. 

Features that stood out:

  • Firstly, Uniqode is the only digital business card solution that is SOC2 Type II and GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data stays safe while making it the perfect solution for enterprises too.
  • For seamless contactless networking, Uniqode allows you to save and share cards instantly as an Apple and Google Wallet pass. Quite unique, right?
  • You can even generate up to 2,000 digital business cards using Uniqode's bulk creation option. This particular feature might be more suited for organisations that wish to create digital business cards for their employees. 
  • Its in-built analytics lets you know what exactly is happening with your digital business card, such as the number of scans, unique users reached, and card scans by location, time of day, and device type. Further, you can track the best and worst-performing digital business cards if you've deployed multiple cards.
  • You can integrate Uniqode's digital business card solution with 4000+ CRMs and HR tools for easy automation and scalability.


If you wish to try out Unquode’s features, you can get started with a free trial. You can also check out their digital business card pricing for more enhanced features, which start at $5/month. 

Create a digital business card with Uniqode.

3. Blinq 

Blinq Digital Business Card
Blinq Digital Business Card

Blinq is a popular business card solution for creating an electronic business card. It has a user-friendly interface that makes creating digital business cards pretty easy. You can also develop stylish and professional QR code landing pages using Blinq for your prospects. 

For those who prefer having the touch and feel of a physical business card, Blinq allows you to create an NFC business card for networking. 

Features that stood out:

  • Blinq, as a digital business card solution, offers basic business card features where you can add your contact information, such as email, contact information, social media handles, and even virtual backdrops.
  • The highlight of this solution is its integration with Apple Watch Widget making accessing your digital business cards extremely easy. 
  • If you are an entrepreneur or work in an organisation and are looking to create electronic business cards for your employees, then you can "template" and modify your employees' cards using its Teams option for uniformity and design consistency.
  • It also comes with CRM integration, such as with Salesforce and Hubspot.


Blinq comes with a free plan with limited features, so if you are an individual looking to leverage digital business cards for the first time, then go for it. The paid plan starts at $2.99/month.

Create a digital business card with Blinq.

4. Mobilo

Mobilo Digital Business Card
Mobilo Digital Business Card

Mobilo has quite an extensive customer base and is definitely one of the best digital business cards I would recommend. It is NFC, and QR code enabled, so your contact information is transferred to the other person's phone with a single tap and scans. This particular technology keeps convenience at its top and suits professionals, small businesses, and even enterprises at the same time. 

Features that stood out:

  • The technology, of course. While many electronic business card solutions out there offer QR code and NFC technology, there are just a few that combine both together.
  • Mobilo has a Teams dashboard which is easy to use, and the solution provides HR and CRM integrations for large businesses with hundreds of employees.
  • Mobilo gives you the option to choose the material of your digital business card. The options include plastic, wood, and metal, and you can choose one according to your wish. 
  • You can share and receive contact information without the need for any app, and it works on both Android and iOS.
  • Provides lead tracking and generation boards that can help monitor your networking efforts.
  • You can switch each card between four different "modes" (Business Card, Social Profile, Lead Generation, or URL). 


There are no monthly payment plans for Mobilo. So what you get is permanent with just a one-time payment. The material options come in the Custom Designed Card option and are priced at $19.50. The basic plan is priced at $4.99.

Create a digital business card with Mobilo.

5. HiHello

HiHello DIgital Business Card
HiHello DIgital Business Card

HiHello is another digital business card solution that offers design features and sharing capabilities. Though it says it is a free solution, it is not all free, and we'll get into that in the coming section. Like Mobilo, you don't need any app to send or receive contact information, and you can create more than one digital business card with different information on it. So one for your personal connections, and one for work. 

Features that stood out:

  • You can share your card with anyone without worrying whether they have the HiHello app or not.
  • You can share the created electronic business card through a QR code, airdrop it through social media channels, add it to your email signatures, and even use the NFC technology, amongst many other ways.
  • Though it is not the first choice I would recommend for individual professionals, it could be viable for businesses and enterprises.
  • The solution meets the SOC Type 2 security standards, so there is no concern about safety.
  • You can use their in-built templates to make professional-looking digital business cards. 


HiHello has both free and paid plans. The free plan, however, comes with very limited features. The paid plan starts at $6/month for one user. 

Create a digital business card with HiHello.

6. SnapDat 

SnapDat Digital Business Card
SnapDat Digital Business Card

SnapDat is a fantastic solution if you want to mimic the appearance of a traditional business card for your digital business card. The website of the solution, however, wasn't very intuitive and pleasing. Yet, it allows you to create traditional-looking business cards that can be shared digitally. You also get plenty of design options with easy sharing capabilities.

Features that stood out:

  • You can quickly create a digital business card with one of its 40 pre-made templates. 
  • Snapdat's amazing "GeoStamp" mapping feature allows you to follow your prospect's location as well.
  • SnapDat allows you to embed a link to your Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube video.
  • If another SnapDat user snaps their card, you can spontaneously respond using the "SnapBack" function.


Snapdat’s most recent edition is free to use.

Create a digital business card with Snapdat.

7. Kado

Kado Digital Business Card
Kado Digital Business Card

Kado is an all-in-one online networking tool. It is designed to send, receive, and manage your digital cards and all your contact notes and recordings. If you're a business or professional searching for a digital business card with networking features like syncing with your Gmail or Outlook account, Kado could be a perfect choice. 

Features that stood out:

  • Kado offers several digital business card templates, a paper card scanner, and a QR Code feature for sharing.
  • The platform allows you to sync all your contacts, including those from Outlook and Gmail, and calendars, in one location for quick accessibility. 
  • Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can spend minimal time managing your contacts.


While there is a free version, it only allows three users, which is insufficient for large-scale business owners. Their base plan with enhanced features starts at $3.71/month.

Create a digital business card with Kado.

BONUS. Haystack

Haystack Digital Business Card
Haystack Digital Business Card

Haystack is another digital business card solution that is well-known for its straightforward functionalities. Most suited for companies who wish to leverage electronic business cards to connect with clients and prospects effortlessly.

Features that stood out:

  • You can share your Haystack card with your customers even if they don't have the app. You can share the created electronic business cards through QR Codes and unique URLs.
  • Haystack lets you seamlessly integrate hundreds of applications and CRMs, like Hubspot, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, and Google Calendar. The solution is further accessible online, on iOS, and in the Android app store.
  • Haystack values your right to privacy. Your Haystack digital business card is only visible to you and the clients you have given your card to. It is SSL (HTTPS) secured.
  • Comes with basic design options with pre-built templates and personalisation options.


Haystack provides a free version for individuals. But if you are looking to scale up, then opt for a paid plan that starts at $4.95/month.

Create a digital business card with Haystack.

How Digital Business Cards Can Help You Up Your Networking Game

Imagine this: You already have a sizable tower of physical business cards on your desk, in your drawer, in your car, in your wallet, and in your pockets. 

You might wonder: Is a digital business card essential?

Of course, a digital business card is unnecessary as long as you intend to continue distributing tangible copies in hopes your contacts won't throw them away five minutes later (Honestly, most people misplace or toss cards away and never look back).

So, here are six reasons why entrepreneurs and enterprise-sized companies should use digital business cards: 

  • Cost-effective: Switching to digital business cards can save you printing costs because physical cardstocks cost anywhere from $10-$500 annually, depending on the complexity and design. 
  • Convenient and easy to update: Any new employee or business owner can set up a digital business card with a few simple clicks. Update your name, number, address, and social media handles, and even add a profile picture, all in just a few clicks.
  • Eco-friendly: Go paperless and save trees if you are a staunch believer in conserving the environment, as paper cards are not eco-friendly like digital business cards. 
  • Improving customer experience: Handing that digital business card when acquiring new customers or conversing with partners will help you make a good impression and improve the users' experience.
  • Scalability: As you scale up your team, you don't have to invest in creating more and more paper business cards. Rather, a solution like Uniqode's will let you create over 2,000 cards for a large team. And you can update your info without recreating a new business card.


In the age of digitalisation, the use of digital business cards is here to stay. With the right platform, digital business cards are scalable, easier to integrate, and more secure than physical cards. So, toss the dull, outdated physical cards into the trashcan and invest in one of the best digital business card solutions we've listed to propel your business forward. 

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