8 Content Creator Job Description Tips That Will Target the Right Talent

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October 9, 2022

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A job description template is a customisable model prepared by an employer outlining the particular criteria, responsibilities, job duties, and abilities necessary to fulfill a function. It also describes the person to whom one should report and the position's overarching objectives.

You can now make use of a sample content creator job template to expedite your recruiting process and target the most qualified candidates.

Using a sample content creator job template makes it easier for employers to express their exact needs for a specific job vacancy, making searching for the ideal applicant more efficient.


Write an Effective Job Description

How to create a content creator job template?

You can create a sample content creator job template by following the below steps:

  • Use square brackets to create a space for the job title, with the "Job Title" placeholder highlighted in bold text.
  • Leave a blank space beneath the title, then make the bold heading "Reports To."
  • Under the "Reports To" section, enter a text describing the role's reporting structure. Use square brackets to place the job title and reporting position.
  • Create the heading "Job Summary" in bold and leave a blank space below the header for a brief description.
  • Create the header "Responsibilities and Duties" in bold, followed by five to seven bullet points.
  • Create a bold header for "Qualifications" and 5-7 bullet points underneath it.
  • Save your template with a descriptive title in a location accessible to authorised employees.

Here is a sample job description template to guide when creating or writing a job description.

Job Description Sample Template:

 [Job Title]

Formal position title. 

Reports To:

The [job title] will report to [position title or titles this position reports to]. 

Job Overview:

Provide a brief, four-sentence description of the role, what success in the position looks like, and how it fits into the company or organisation overall.

 Responsibilities and Duties:

  • List the essential duties required to carry out this job
  • List them in order of importance
  • Use complete sentences
  • Start sentences with verbs
  • Use the present tense
  • Use gender-neutral language 


  • Education level
  • Experience
  • Specific skills
  • Personal characteristics
  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Physical abilities

Top 8 content creator job description tips to target the right customers 

1. Know your candidate

Many studies suggest that individuals buy on emotion first, then rationality.

Learn everything you can about your target applicant before creating your ad (i.e., the person you want to be interviewing). How do they define success? What delights them? It's emotional for a candidate to click "Apply Now."

Tips for Findng Talented Candidates


  • Create an ideal employee character.
  • Use the knowledge to establish promises you can keep to your target applicant.
  • Content marketing job? Consider what you want your new hiring to reflect about your existing marketing team.
  • How about your present employees?
  • How do they like the company?
  • Which skills does your applicant lack?

This information may help you develop a job description and ensure potential candidates are a cultural and professional match for your firm. 

2. Use keywords to optimise the job title

Optimise Job Title

Job seekers search millions of keywords daily, making SEO vital for recruiting, especially in job adverts.

Don't rename an established position to be distinctive and desirable. Don't name your content marketing job "Attention Ninja" or "Audience Crafter."


  • Experience level might affect the terms your ideal applicant uses while applying online.
  • Consider "strategist," "specialist," or "manager" when recruiting a mid-level content marketer.
  • Candidates will seek a recognised, keyword-friendly title.

 3. Give a corporate overview

Start your ad with a "Company Summary" paragraph. But don't copy and paste your company's "About Us" section.

Your "Company Summary" should assist the applicant in understanding the position.

If your firm sells security software, it won't be adequate to provide your name, founding date, software packages, and location.

Candidates will request team-specific company information.


Here's a made-up software development company's summary for a content marketing professional:

Boston-based Software Co. focuses on eCommerce security. After a decade of servicing more than 70 clients, we need help telling our customers' experiences.

If you outline your organisation for your ideal prospect, you can go onto the job description. 

Remember, though, that this does not end with the second paragraph after the corporate overview above. Describe your open position using these subheads:

  • Benefits
  • Requirements
  • Responsibilities 

4. Summarise job benefits

Every ad must begin with a role summary. It should be short and appealing but also provide big-picture advantages.

People are naturally drawn to more significant causes. Help applicants see their work's effect.

Explain how a software developer's work will affect your consumers. Will it reduce congestion? Will it improve family communication? Specifications strengthen a message.


A software company may say this about hiring a content marketing specialist:

You'll develop articles, infographics, and eBooks to engage Security Software Co.'s audience. You aim to sign up thousands of individuals for our newsletter and LinkedIn page. Your success will grow Security Software's global reach, helping millions of parents protect their children from online predators while building your reputation as an authority in our field. 

5. List the benefits

Now that you have the candidate's attention highlight your company's benefits package.

According to a 2021 Indeed research, 83% of businesses feel salaries and incentives are more open in job descriptions.

Use examples to help prospects see your rewards.


A company expects a lot from its employees, thus rewarding them generously. In addition to a competitive salary, and medical/dental/vision plan, they may provide you with:

  • Wear what you like and feel as comfortable at work as at home
  • Two days a week, work from home to meet deadlines
  • Use our well-stocked, nutritious kitchen to save hundreds a year
  • In-house yoga studio to relieve tension

6. Set clear, realistic work criteria

  • Don't end your ad with this flat portion
  • Put it between sections highlighting potential and opportunity
  • Keep your criteria list short. You don't want minor criteria to drive away outstanding prospects. A shortlist shouldn't motivate unqualified people


Here are the abilities we need:

  • At least three years in a similar job (security and software background) is preferable.
  • A bachelor's degree in English, marketing, or communicationis s preferable
  • You must be a good writer who can draft clear, convincing messages. You must grasp marketing automation mechanics 

7. Describe tasks using strong verbs

Responsibilities are the job, yet they may thrill a dedicated candidate.

Start each job bullet point with a distinct verb. The role "shapes," not "manages," individuals. The job "enables" project success, not "oversees" it. Compare!

One word can change a reader's perception.


As the company's only Content Marketer, you'll experiment, learn, and modify as you go. You'll be liable for:

  • Creating engaging, informative, and easy-to-read content
  • It must have beautiful, shareable infographics
  • In return for corporate email addresses, publish easy-to-skim eBooks
  • Crafting convincing, laser-focused landing pages that drive audience action
  • Buying tailored social media ads helps
  • The warming up leads through our marketing funnel

8. Avoid bias in ads

Your job description may be biased, alienating outstanding applicants. How? Jargon, gendered language, culturally-specific terms, insider language.

"Aggressive," "guru," "fearless," and "killer instinct" may appear innocent, but they're male and might influence your applicant pool. Americanisms like "up your alley" often confound non-English speakers.

Avoid Bias in Ads


A sample content creator job template demonstrates how to make prospects feel when reading a precisely-made job ad. Use your expertise in the job you're looking for to produce an accurate ad that matches your company's culture and demands.

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