A Modern Take On Marketing: Innovative Ways To Promote Your Product

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May 10, 2023

More than 30,000 new products are launched globally every year. With so much competition out there, marketing plays a crucial role in attracting buyers and persuading them to choose one product over another. If you’re on a mission to drive sales, have you thought about modernising your campaigns? Here are some innovative ways to promote your brand.

Key Takeaways on Innovative Ways to Promote Your Products:

  • Real-life examples: Using real-life models of various shapes and sizes can make your brand more relatable, engaging customers and reaching a wider audience.
  • Augmented reality: Implementing augmented reality in marketing campaigns can help potential buyers visualise products and make shopping experiences more fun and interactive.
  • Personalisation: Customers tend to spend more when their shopping experience is personalised, so consider customising recommendations, email content, and website features based on individual preferences or past purchases.
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Real-life examples

Many businesses and brands, especially those that sell online, use models, celebrities, or influencers to advertise their products.

At a time when campaigns that champion real body shapes, self-confidence, and empowerment are hitting the headlines, one way of separating your product from others on the market is using real-life models.

Some online brands are featuring models of all shapes and sizes, while others are posting photos and clips of customers who have actually bought the product.

This is a great idea for businesses like clothing and cosmetic brands and beauty companies, as it enables you to engage with customers and reach out to a wider audience.

Augmented reality

Have you ever been to a furniture store and wished you could somehow virtually transport a sofa to see how it would look in your living room?

Have you been clothes shopping and thought about whether an item would suit you, or do you often think about whether you should brave a new hairstyle or color? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s a good idea to explore the best augmented reality companies and consider adding this feature to your marketing campaign.

This is a concept that gives potential buyers an insight into how they could use products. AR is not only beneficial for customers because it provides a visual representation that can help to influence the decision-making process and it makes the experience of shopping fun. It can also be advantageous for businesses, as it can help you outshine a competitor and it might also reduce the risk of abandoned carts and returns.


Research by Forbes suggests that customers spend almost 50% more when their shopping experience is personalised, so it pays to consider the ideal customer at every stage. Adding personal touches, for example, using a client’s name in the email subject or offering customised recommendations via your website or app based on interests or previous purchases, can go a long way.

Consider an online fashion site, for example. If you have a basic site with pictures of garments and a brief description and you compare it to a website that gives you a size recommendation, enables you to see video clips of the item from different angles, lets you save the item in a wishlist and offers tips for creating an outfit based on a single piece, you’re more likely to buy from the second site. Get to know your customers, and think about what you value as a consumer.

If you’re looking to create a buzz around a new product or upsell an existing range, it may be worth modifying and modernising your marketing campaigns.

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