Accountants: Which Type Do You Need?

April 25, 2019

Accountants: Which Type Do You Need?

We’re all relatively familiar with accountants and what they can do for us. Put simply, an accountant will take a look over your financial records and ensure that everything is in line so you can submit your taxes on time. They may also be able to provide you with insight into your spending habits and suggest different areas where you might want to increase or minimise your spending. However, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of specialist accountants out there too - professionals who can help you out in very specific areas and provide you with additional services that are relevant to you and your field of work in particular. So, let’s take a moment to familiarise ourselves with a few!


A “CPA” accountant is a “certified public accountant”. They are upper-level accountants who are outstanding in their field. They have been recognised by a certification and are generally considered experts in what they do. As you can imagine, they are likely to charge more than your standard accountant. But their services could seriously help you when it comes to more in-depth work than organising financial records and filing taxes alone. They will generally serve as trusted advisors who you can turn to in regards to any of your financial goals and fiscal matters. They can do audits, reviews, consultations and even litigations!


IR35 legislation is one of the most important pieces of legislation out there for freelancers and contractors. If you work in this manner, you should reach out to an accountant with expertise in IR35 like those at They will be able to check whether you fall inside or outside of IR35 and ensure that you comply with IR35 regulations if you do need to abide by them!

Forensic Accounts

Forensic accountants carry out a lot of detective-like work. They are the accountants who analyse financial documents and records in-depth to ensure that all rules and laws are being complied with. They can uncover errors, identify omissions, or even catch outright fraud.

Management Accountant

Management accountants hold a clue within their name - they help you to manage your company through your accounts. These are the individuals you should reach out to when you plan to implement changes, plans, or new strategies into your business and your professional process. They will be able to survey all of the data and information you provide them with and give you the thumbs up, suggest changes, or discourage poor decisions that could negatively impact you in the long-run.

These, of course, are just a few different accountants you might find yourself in need of at some point or another. Hopefully, the above information has helped to highlight some of the different options that are available to you! Finding the right accountant for your needs really can make all the difference, so don’t overlook this step in your professional process!

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