Why Hiring An Accountant Could Be Beneficial For Your Small Business

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March 22, 2024

If you run a small business, hiring an accountant could be the thing that takes your business to the next level. An accountant is useful for so many different tasks, including the organisation and filing of finance records, as well as future planning and giving sound business advice. Read on to see why hiring an accountant is the right next step for your business.

Key Takeaways on The Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for Your Small Business:

  • Accountants Can Save You Money and Time: An accountant can help identify areas for financial savings, manage tax obligations efficiently, and allow you to focus on core business activities.
  • Accountants Can Offer Great Business Advice: With their experience across various sectors, accountants can provide valuable insights into business challenges, opportunities, and risks.
  • Management of Cash Flow: Accountants play a crucial role in forecasting and managing cash flow, ensuring the business has the capital needed for operations and growth.
  • Financial Record Keeping: Keeping accurate financial records is essential for transparency and informed decision-making. Accountants ensure all financial documents are well-organized and accessible.
  • Access to Specialist Accounting Software: Accountants often use advanced accounting software, which can automate and streamline financial management for your business.
  • Support for Funding and Loan Applications: Accountants can assist in preparing financial statements and forecasts that are critical for securing loans or investment.

The article emphasizes the significant advantages of hiring an accountant for small businesses, including financial savings, strategic advice, cash flow management, and efficient record-keeping.

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Accountants can save you money and time

Even if you are personally experienced in accountancy, looking after your business’s books by yourself can be an extremely tiresome and time-consuming task on top of all the other duties that come with running a business. Focus your time on your own specialities and the important parts of running a business, like marketing, sales and business development strategies.

An accountant will help you to identify any areas where you could be saving money, any places where you are unnecessarily losing money and any parts of your business plan that could help to grow revenue or increase sales. Accountants will help you to work out your incomings and outgoings and find ways to help you save on taxes, putting more money back into your company without upsetting the government.

Hiring an accountant allows you to delegate the more time-consuming tasks to give you time to put your energy and expertise into bettering your company.

Additionally, accountants are great at navigating the complex realms of VAT returns. They will be able to keep track of all the important dates in the financial calendar and keep an accurate collection of data to record incomings and outgoings for tax returns. In the case of an audit, an accountant would be able to help you accurately present your yearly figures and reduce the risk of getting anything wrong and inducing an investigation from HMRC. If you need help with your small business’s accounts, try looking for AK Tax Accountants in Rochester to find someone able to help take care of your business.

Most accountants will work with specialist accounting software, which gives your business the opportunity to access some top of the range software you may not otherwise have access to or understand how to use. This software can help to automate and organise finances and help your business run much more smoothly on a day to day basis.

Using accounting software is a great way to get a clear and instantaneous look at the state of your company’s finances, and then work on options to move forward and progress with business decisions and future planning. Accounting software also makes filing tax returns and applying for loans a lot easier for you and your accountant, saving them time, and therefore saving you money.

Accountants can offer great business advice

A great benefit to most accountants is that they are also trained as business consultants. Through the experience working with a variety of clients and businesses across many sectors, accountants will come with the experience and advice to identify and resolve many of the challenges your business may face. They can be the perfect person to pitch new ideas to as they will be able to identify any potential risks as well as opportunities involved. On this note, finding an accountant with experience in your sector with a business of your size can be extremely beneficial. Work with someone you trust and who has your best interests at heart.

The management of cash flow is an essential part of every business, particularly at a start-up level when cash is significantly tighter. An accurate overview of your business’s cash flow is vital to avoid overspending and ending up in a position with no moveable capital despite apparent success on paper. Accountants will be able to forecast these movements and provide you with a good look at how your business is doing and how your cash flow will be looking further down the line, which can be useful not just for planning but also for support funding or applications for loans. A strong cash flow with moveable assets is a great way to increase your company’s profits and efficiency.

As well as providing solid business advice, accountants can be responsible for looking after your financial records. Keeping everything together such as income statements, cash flow documents and balance sheets is so important to maintain transparency and accuracy throughout your business. It can also be incredibly helpful when interacting with creditors, investors or market analysts to give a simple and accurate overview of your company’s current financial health as well as its potential for future growth and earnings.

Accountants come with so many skills, and the more experienced they are the more sound advice they will be able to provide your company. You should be able to take any project proposals, ideas and worries to your accountant and work out a great plan for your business.

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