Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Buying Your Business Insurance

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November 11, 2022

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Businesses face all kinds of risks, and no business is immune. Unfortunately, some business owners don’t know the importance of protecting their businesses until it is too late and something bad happens. From cyber-attacks to natural disasters and theft, protecting your business from such risks is vital. That means you need to purchase insurance to provide coverage to the business. However, with the huge number of insurance companies with different policies, it is easy to make mistakes. If you want to buy insurance to cover your business, here are costly mistakes you should avoid.  

Not Understanding Policy

Insurance companies offer different policies. Reading and ensuring you understand the policy before you buy is vital. Know what it entails, the amount you will be paying, and how much it covers you. Understand critical details like deductibles, discounts, limits, and reimbursements. Take time to go through the policy and ask questions for clarification. Your insurance broker will help you understand various things. Never assume that the company knows what your business needs. It is up to you to comprehend the policy to know if it suits your business needs. 

Choosing Only One Company

It is always advisable to compare policies and premiums from different companies. 

Your business needs several covers, which differ from provider to provider. So, don’t be in a rush to buy insurance. Ensure you evaluate several providers and choose the one with an affordable and suitable policy. 

Not Getting Enough Cover

Businesses are exposed to different kinds of risks. They include legal, financial, employee, security, etc. One big mistake you can make is not getting coverage for these risks. Before you buy insurance, understand the kind of risks your business faces and know the best coverage to buy. Insurance companies offer different types of coverage. That means you will not know the most suitable coverage without knowing the risks. Before you buy the cover, it is advisable to contact a Calgary insurance broker to help with the decision. The expert will evaluate your business needs to ensure you get enough coverage. 

Going for the Cheapest Option

Another pitfall many businesses, especially the small ones, fall into is choosing the cheapest option. Going for a cheap option can be tempting if you don’t have enough money for full and quality coverage. However, the problem with cheap options is that you don’t get enough coverage. That means that you will not get enough funding for the damages in case of a disaster. This is why we recommend working with a broker and testing several estimates. You can compare the policies with the prices and pick the one that suits your budget without compromising quality. 

Skipping General Liability 

In addition to covering your business from theft, vandalism, and natural disasters, getting general liability insurance is also a good idea. You may be liable for damages and loss in your business at some point. Therefore, you need general liability insurance to protect you in case of slip and fall accidents or other mistakes like product liability.

In the End

Buying business insurance is vital to prevent losses from natural disasters, theft, cyber-attacks, vandalism, etc. however, you need to buy the right insurance to ensure you are adequately covered. Avoid these mistakes and work with an insurance broker to make the right decision.

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