Best Countries for Freelancers

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June 27, 2024

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Exploring the freedom that freelance workprovides doesn't require that you live in a single country like the UnitedStates. Traveling the world and adventuring into other areas can make life moreenjoyable while working.

In this article, we’ll give you somesuggestions for countries to consider if you’re relocating your business or just visiting as afreelancer. We’ll also go over some important factors that can influence yourchoice.

Factors Freelancers Should Consider Before Moving To Another Country

Packing up belongings and settling down in a foreign country will likely be more comfortable and affordable when you consider a few factors before purchasing a plane ticket and settling down.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is probably the most significant factor to consider when deciding on making a move. Rent will likely be the most significant expense when working in a foreign country as a freelancer. Keeping it at a low level provides the opportunity to keep more of the money you earn.

However, it's also important to enjoy the surroundings of the area and stay comfortable at the same time. Making sure food and other necessities are affordable is also vital.

Culture and Scenery

Living in a country where the culture doesn't fit your style won't make for a pleasant stay. Consider whether you want to live in a cosmopolitan area or a laid-back and tranquil setting. Others may wish to expand their horizons by learning new customs and traditions.

Obtaining a Freelance Visa

Living in any country and working there typically means that taxes will need to be paid on any income generated if you want to reside there legally. To ensure there aren't any legal problems, research what it takes to obtain a visa for freelance work from any countries you’re considering.

Internet Connection

It's going to be extremely challenging to get work completed on time without a reliable internet connection. Working on the beach sounds exciting but will hardly be practical if there isn't any access to your clients!

Thailand - Best for Living on a Budget in Asia

It's understandable why Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for freelancers. Living in major areas, such as Bangkok, Ko Lanta and Ching Mai are highly affordable. Rent is often priced around the $400-$700 range. Living in the city center of Bangkok is roughly $650 monthly, which is a bargain in comparison to San Francisco at around $3500.

Working legally in Thailand can be done by obtaining a Non-Immigrant B visa. Without it, it's challenging to obtain a bank account or obtain a subscription for a smartphone. Getting a visa designated for a three-month period is usually the best way to start and then obtain one for a 12-month timeframe.

Thailand's culture has evolved in the past few years, and the islands in the area are unique places to visit, making this destination the best for a laid-back freelancer who is on a budget.

Spain - Best for Affordability in Europe

Living in Spain is popular for freelancers who want to reside in Europe. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city will cost about $500 monthly. If you prefer living on the beach, expect to pay more for this luxury. Residing in areas with larger populations, such as Valencia and Madrid, will be the most affordable.

Venturing out of these areas can be rewarding -- like living in San Sebastian or Granada for scenery and culture changes. However, expect to pay more for living expenses when choosing this option.

Obtaining a self-employed residence permit that's good for a year shouldn't be too difficult, but it may take around 45 days. Getting work sent through the internet should also be accessible in most areas with denser populations.

Albania - Best for Foodies

Another popular country for freelancers in Europe is Albania. The country’s living expenses are highly affordable with an average cost of housing in the 300 - $500 range, making Albania worth considering.

Obtaining a one-year visa to work in the country is the best way to get started. As for culture, Albania is a highly innovative country with beautiful artwork and plenty of tasty foods to discover.

For freelancers who love trying delicious foods and seeking out affordable fine dining, this country is highly affordable. It also has excellent internet connections throughout urban areas.

New Zealand - Stunning Landscapes, Fascinating Culture

New Zealand is a little more expensive than other countries on this list. Paying for rent will likely range between $900-$1200 monthly, depending on the area and accommodations.

New Zealand -- made up of North Island and South Island -- has some of the best internet speeds worldwide. The country's beauty is another excellent reason to visit. From glaciers and alpine heights to tropical-like forests populated with exotic fern trees and plumes of steam rising near geysers -- New Zealand’s got it all in a very compact land mass.

The culture in New Zealand is modern and upbeat, with fascinating influences from the Māori, the indigenous people who arrived in the islands in the 1300s.

Estonia - Best for Overall Value When Working in Europe

Freelancing in Estonia has become even more appealing with the launch of its digital nomad visa, a new program allowing foreigners to reside in the country and work long-term without securing a job. This visa exempts a freelancer from paying taxes to the Estonian government.

The cost of living in Estonia is around 75 percent higher than other countries in Eastern Europe. Rent will cost around $900, which is comparable with New Zealand’s low end. Another similarity with New Zealand is the culture of Estonia as it combines a solid indigenous heritage with contemporary living.


Deciding on the factors essential for comfort and well-being, mixed with the culture of the country should make time as a freelancer in the chosen country even more pleasurable. Using this list should make it easier to get started on the right track.

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