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May 16, 2024

After growing his digital marketing agency into a 7-figure agency, generating over a million in sales annually, Dylan Ogline turned his focus to helping other people start and grow their own hyper profitable digital agency. Dylan undoubtedly believes that anybody can start and build their own digital agency that will allow them to have more freedom and live a life with purpose and meaning. And he wants to give everyone possible the tools to do just that.

What we will be discussing today

  • Building Things to Break: How to Run a Lean Business, Mean and Scrappy When Starting a Business and Why It Will Bring Success
  • Switch Focus: Why Marketing Is the Number One Thing That Your Business Should Be Focusing On
  • Building a Laptop Lifestyle From the Ground Up
  • Show Your Value – Stop Hiding Behind Low Prices
  • Want to Be Successful, Narrow Your Focus. How I Went From Being a High School Dropout to Creating a 7-Figure Business and Living the Adventurous Life of My Dreams
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Robin Waite · #78 - Building Things to Break - Dylan Ogline

Building Things to Break

Episode 78 of the Fearless Business podcast features Dylan Ogline, an expert in helping people to start and grow hyper profitable digital marketing agencies, after growing his own 7-figure agency. Robin and Dylan discuss all things marketing, showing your value, and how to create more freedom in your life. Here are some great insights from the episode.

Why marketing is the number one thing every business should focus on

Marketing in terms of ads is something every business should focus on. When you have a good funnel sorted out, you bring in a positive ROI and start seeing more sales. This in turn allows you to invest and grow more such as hiring new team members, or building a new product or service. Often people are aware that adding that new team member or product means increasing expenses. This is something that people battle with, especially because you feel like you don’t know how to get more sales to be able to cover those expenses and make a profit. Mistakes then start appearing, whereas through focusing on marketing in the first instance, you could hire the right person in order to increase your marketing capabilities and set up even more funnels and sales as a result.

Overcoming mindset blocks

Doubling or even tripling your sales can be linked to mindset. There is a fear of income exceeding expenses. You make excuses, take longer to do things, or pay less for something which doesn’t serve you properly. By investing in the right team member or the right service straight away, you are helping your business move forward and generate more sales.

Another area that common mindset blocks are experienced is selling at a higher price point. Through marketing your product or service at a premium price point though, this makes scaling your business a lot easier. You get to really show your value and think “How can I do things differently?”. Understand your capacity and ability and fix your prices to be in line with that.

How to stop hiding behind low prices

You have your niche and think you know who you are marketing to. But do you? Within your niche, not everyone is looking for your particular service. You want to be targeting those that want to invest in their business and grow. They are looking for a solution and will be prepared to pay for the high price options. When it comes to finding that percentage of your niche who wants to invest, researching and knowing that industry well are key areas to start with.

Narrowing your focus

Dylan is an advocate for narrowing your focus when it comes to building a successful business. With more businesses than ever, the market is oversaturated. If you can really niche down and be specific though, you can differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. This comes from his own experience of starting multiple business projects and then narrowing down to focus on one. If you are starting out in your business, Dylan recommends exploring a few different niches and then seeing who you help the most within those niches and niching down your focus to that specific industry. Once you have done this, you become the premium solution provider in your niche and can sell at those premium price points.

Fail as quickly as possible

Niching, marketing, and developing the right offerings for your audience, these things are a process. So often people have perfectionist tendencies and spend ages wanting to get everything perfectly organised before launching. However, you could spend all that time trying to perfect something and send it out into the marketing only for it to not have any traction. You will have spent all that time, energy, and money for nothing.

The best thing you can do is put out a minimum, basic version of your offering, and get feedback from your target market. This then gives you the chance to develop your offering to suit your audience’s needs. It is better to make mistakes at the beginning and learn from them.

There are so many incredible lessons and tips in this podcast episode. Listen to the full episode for even more details.


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