Can AI Rewording Tool Revolutionise Your Marketing Content?

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June 13, 2024

An AI rewording tool refers to online tools that can rephrase and reword text without altering its meaning. 

With the power of AI, they can ensure that the write-up is natural and human-like i.e., that there is no clunkiness or abruptness in the text.

Marketing content on the other hand is content written to appeal to an audience. Its job is to attract people and convince them to convert into a lead. 

Marketing content can take the form of advertisements, blog posts, marketing copies, and even emails.

Key Takeaways on AI Rewording Tools for Marketing Content:

  1. Enhances Efficiency: AI rewording tools save time and energy by quickly rewording drafts of marketing content to suit the occasion.
  2. Improves Uniqueness: AI rewording tools change words and phrases to enhance the uniqueness of marketing content, making it stand out from other sources.
  3. Enhances Readability: AI rewording tools improve the readability of marketing content by replacing difficult words and phrases with easier alternatives.
  4. Helps Tailor Content: AI rewording tools assist in tailoring marketing content by adjusting the tone and delivery to suit the target audience.
  5. Facilitates A/B Testing: AI rewording tools enable the creation of multiple content versions for A/B testing, helping marketers determine the most effective approach.
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How Can AI Rewording Help with Content Marketing?

A rewording tool can change the syntax of any given text without altering its meaning. Most of these tools do this by replacing words and phrases with their synonyms. 

1. Enhances Efficiency by Saving Time and Energy

Marketing is a time-sensitive thing. Releasing content at an opportune time can improve the returns manifold while doing the opposite can result in losses. 

So, it is understandable that content marketers are pressed for time as opportunities do not announce themselves before coming.

Sand Timer

As such, content marketers are always feeling rushed due to the sudden bouts of work that come up. In this situation, AI rewording tools can help them to save time and energy. 

They can be used to quickly reword drafts of marketing content and improve them to suit the occasion. Since an AI reword generator takes only a few seconds to paraphrase the content it saves a lot of time.

Since a writer does not need to think too much about the reword, it also saves a lot of effort.

2. Improves Uniqueness

Uniqueness can be considered the lifeblood of marketing content. A unique advertisement or blog can and will generate more traffic than non-unique content. This is especially true for digital marketing where only unique content gets to rank high in the SERPs. 


An AI rewording tool can help to improve the uniqueness of any given content by changing the words and phrases in it to remove any likeness with other online content. This is really useful when marketers are sure that their content is similar to other sources. 

People do not like to interact with content that they have seen before, so content marketers can use an undectable AI rewriter to humanize AI text making it unique enough to look new. 

Unique content, enhanced by ai writing tools like AI rewording tools, is ranked higher in the SERPs because search engines value it more. The higher the ranking, the more potential for attracting traffic, revolutionising your marketing content.

3. Enhances Readability

Another aspect of marketing content that is really important is its readability. For people to be attracted to the content they have to be able to understand it. Understanding only follows after reading. 

So, marketing content must be really easy to read, and guess what can help a content marketer ensure that their content is readable? An AI rewording tool. 

Rewording tools are typically equipped with modes to enhance the readability of the text. 

They do it by replacing difficult words and phrases with their easier synonyms. Here is an example showing it in action. 

The difficult sentence is:

“With a mix of excitement and trepidation, she stepped onto the stage to deliver her first public speech.”

Paraphrasing Tools

And we got the simpler output which goes:

“Nervously, she took the stage for her debut speech.”

So, in this way, marketing content can be made easier to read for the audience with the help of a rewording tool.

4. Helps to Tailor Content for The Audience

Tailoring content for a specific audience is one of the most successful marketing techniques. According to some studies, personalised and tailored content can improve lead conversion rates by approximately 70%. This is an amazing figure.

Now tailoring content can involve a lot of things, but there is one aspect that can be improved with an AI rewording tool, and that is tone and delivery. 

The tone in writing is similar to the tone in speech, it’s just that without the sound, writers have to use different techniques to give a tone to their marketing content.

This is done by using different words and sentence structures. For example, take a look at the following passage.

“The automobile in question represents a sophisticated amalgamation of advanced engineering, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous craftsmanship. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, it exudes an aura of elegance and refinement. The vehicle boasts a powerful and efficient engine, delivering remarkable performance and a seamless driving experience. The interior epitomises luxury, adorned with premium materials and ergonomic features, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience. Equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and innovative driver-assistance systems, this automobile ensures the utmost security and peace of mind for its occupants. With its exquisite blend of style, performance, and safety, this car stands as a symbol of automotive excellence.”

This is a very formal description of a car. The tone is very uptight and the words used are something you would hear in an elite lawyer’s office. Now, the very same description in a slightly casual tone would look like this.

“This car is truly remarkable. Its design is sleek and captivating, exuding a sense of sophistication. The performance is outstanding, with an impressive engine that delivers power seamlessly. The interior is a haven of luxury, featuring premium materials and thoughtful craftsmanship for unparalleled comfort. Safety is a top priority, with advanced features ensuring peace of mind. This car embodies a perfect blend of elegance, performance, and safety, making it an exceptional choice in the automotive world.”

See the difference? This change in tone can make the difference between a sale and a lost lead. AI rewording tools can alter marketing content like this to tailor it for the right audience.

5. Helps in A/B Testing

A/B testing is a marketing technique in which two different versions of content are shown to an audience. The content is advertising the same thing but is different in some ways. 

The audience is divided into two and each division is shown only one type of content.

A/B Testing

This is used to see which version of the marketing content is more successful and engaging. A marketer can use an AI rewording tool to generate multiple copies of the same content that is different from each other. 

This can be considered revolutionising marketing content as it takes a fraction of the effort and practically none of the effort of creating multiple copies manually.


Thus, in this way, AI rewording tools can revolutionise your marketing content. They can reduce the time taken and energy used to edit the content. 

They are useful for A/B testing, can improve the readability and uniqueness of the content as well as help to adapt the content to an audience’s liking. 

To read more about improving marketing content and marketing in general check out the rest of our blog. It has plenty of articles about all kinds of businesses and strategies.

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