Proven Ways to Humanise Marketing Content

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June 13, 2024

In the world of marketing, it's easy to slip into a pattern of sounding more like a machine than a person. This disconnect can make your audience feel more like data points than valued customers. 

But, embracing a more human approach in your marketing efforts can transform how consumers perceive and interact with your brand. By infusing authenticity and relatability into your content, you can forge deeper connections with your audience and pave the way for greater success.

Key Takeaways on Humanising Marketing Content

  1. Personalisation Beyond Names: Effective personalisation involves crafting messages that go beyond inserting names in emails. It's about creating content that resonates personally, making each interaction thoughtful and unique.
  2. Humanising Data Utilisation: Leveraging customer data can be warm and personal. Analysing purchase history and demographics allows you to tailor messages that speak directly to your audience's interests, creating a purposeful connection.
  3. Persona-Crafted Messaging: Creating personas representing segments of your audience guides the development of messages that directly address their interests, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring a personalised and relevant communication strategy.
  4. The Power of Storytelling: Stories connect, engage, and inspire. Weaving narratives that resonate with your audience's experiences fosters emotional engagement, turning your brand into a relatable friend rather than just a company.
  5. Authenticity Builds Trust: Authentic, relatable stories bridge the gap between your brand and audience. Sharing experiences, like the origins of your business, fosters trust and connection by revealing the human side behind the scenes.
  6. Brand Integration for Connection: Integrating your brand's journey, values, and mission invites the audience to be part of something greater. Aligning with social responsibility or sustainability creates a bond beyond transactions.
  7. Conversational Tone and Humor: Adopting a conversational tone and injecting humour into content makes your brand more relatable and memorable. Speaking to your audience like friends fosters engagement and connection.
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Personalise with Heart

At its core, personalisation is about recognising your audience as individuals with unique needs and preferences. This goes beyond just inserting a name in an email. It's about crafting messages that resonate on a personal level, making each interaction feel special and thoughtfully considered.

Embrace Data with a Human Touch

Leveraging customer data for personalisation doesn't have to be cold or impersonal. By analysing purchase history, browsing behaviours, and demographics, you can tailor your messaging to speak directly to the heart of your audience's interests and needs. Imagine a scenario where a bookstore recommends your next great read based on your favourite genres and authors—this is personalisation with a purpose.

Crafting Messages that Speak to You

Customised messaging is where personalisation truly shines. Creating personas or fictional characters that represent segments of your audience can guide you in developing messages that speak directly to their interests, challenges, and aspirations. 

And if you find your creativity lacking at times, utilising an AI humaniser to generate some personal messages is a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. This approach ensures that your communications feel personal and relevant, not just another generic broadcast.

Storytelling: The Heart of Connection

Stories have the power to move us, to connect us to others, and to make complex ideas relatable. By weaving narratives that resonate with your audience's experiences and aspirations, you can create content that not only informs but also inspires and engages on an emotional level.

Share Stories that Touch the Heart

Authentic, relatable stories can bridge the gap between you and your audience. Sharing experiences that reflect their own can foster a sense of trust and kinship, transforming your brand into a trusted friend rather than just another company.

Talk about where your business started. Did you set up shop in your garage? By showing the human side of your business, your customers will see a real person behind the scenes and feel more connected.

Your Brand's Story: A Shared Journey

Integrating your brand's journey, values, and mission into your content not only humanises your company but also invites your audience to be part of something greater. Sharing your commitment to social responsibility or sustainability can align your brand with your audience's values, creating a bond that goes beyond transactions.

Speak Like a Human

To truly humanise your marketing, embrace a conversational tone. Write as you speak, using language that's natural, clear, and direct. This approach makes your content more accessible and engaging, inviting your audience into a dialogue rather than a monologue.

Humour and Wit: The Universal Language

Injecting humour into your content can make your brand more relatable and your messages more memorable. It's about finding a balance that resonates with your audience's sense of humour, making your brand feel like a friend they enjoy spending time with.

We all spent plenty of time reading robotic sounding textbooks, and it’s unlikely that very many people find that type of content engaging. Reach out to your audience. Talk to them like you know them personally.

Clear and Simple: The Art of Understanding

Avoiding jargon and complex language makes your content more inclusive, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or expertise, can understand and connect with your message.


By embracing these principles, you can transform your marketing content from something that merely informs to something that connects, resonates, and inspires. Humanising your marketing is a strategy that treats your audience with the respect, understanding, and empathy they deserve.

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