Efficient Storage Solutions for Subscription Box Businesses

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May 28, 2024

Subscriptions have been around since the 17th Century, first introduced by newspaper and magazine publishers. Today, companies from Netflix to Hello Fresh apply the model for producing goods and services on a subscription basis to increase brand stickiness and customer retention.

Key Takeaways on Storage Solutions for Subscription Boxes

  1. Historical Roots of Subscriptions: Subscription services date back to the 17th century, originally started by newspaper and magazine publishers, and have evolved to include a wide range of goods and services today.
  2. Rise of Subscription Boxes: Subscription boxes gained popularity about a decade ago with Birchbox, offering personalised products and benefiting from technological advances and the pandemic's impact on consumer behaviour.
  3. Storage Challenges for Subscription Businesses: As subscription box businesses grow, they often face storage issues that can be effectively addressed with business storage solutions.
  4. Customizable Shelving: Self storage units offer customizable shelving options like modular shelving and vertical racking, which help maximise space and adapt to inventory changes.
  5. Benefits of Inventory Management Software: Inventory management software helps businesses handle larger quantities of stock, automate processes, provide clarity on stock locations, and reduce costs.
  6. Importance of Packing Stations: A well-organised packing station within a storage unit streamlines the packing and shipping process, making it more efficient and freeing up space at home.
  7. Advantages of Self Storage Units: Self storage units provide flexibility, security, and 24/7 access, making them an essential resource for small businesses to safeguard inventory and confidential documents while maintaining operational efficiency.
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Where Did It All Start?

Subscription boxes made an appearance a decade ago with the launch of Birchbox, the beauty box, paved the way and inspired hundreds to launch their service – now you can subscribe to pretty much everything. Technological innovations, social media and, most recently, the pandemic and lockdowns, have led to an explosive growth of boxes arriving on our doorsteps, providing buyers with not only a sense of ease and, potentially, economic benefit but also a sense of personalisation.

The Business Self Storage Solution

However, with so many subscriptions, businesses can soon find that they have a storage issue. So, if you find yourself in this situation, read on to find out why business storage solutions might just be the answer for you.

Organised Shelving

When it comes to small businesses, self storage can be a life saver, and often allows multiple shelving units. Shelving can be tailor-made to your needs and those of your subscription box companies, so you can fill up your available space to the maximum capacity. You could use:

  • Modular Shelving - modular shelving systems are adaptable to the size and shape of the stuff being stored. Some can fold away or stretch out to adapt to inventory fluctuations.
  • Vertical Racking - take advantage of your vertical space. Shelves installed within your storage containers of all shapes and sizes enable you to stack items safely and within easy reach, thereby maximising usable space.

Inventory Management Software

For a small quantity of products you keep in stock, it can be easy enough to handle your inventory manually, or use spreadsheets. But as your business grows and begins handling larger quantities of inventory, there will likely come a time when you will want to benefit from inventory software to lend you a helping hand and help streamline your business.

There are many ways that inventory management software could help your business. The first benefit is right there in the title: it helps you to manage your inventory or stock. This includes: sales and purchase of inventory, storage of inventory, stock, leadership and authority, and issues concerning inventory shortages – notifying the user when the levels of inventory is less than usual.

It can even automate various inventory processes that would typically be done manually, provide clarity into the location of items you have in stock, keep your inventory tidy, and cut down on costs.

Packing Stations

A packing station is a must have for any fulfilment business, whether you are selling second hand clothes on eBay or Vinted or running a subscription box business, and is a place where you can organise the things you want to pack, label and fill out all the necessary paperwork, ready for shipping. Once you’ve set up your packing station in your self storage, it will make your subscription box business a whole lot easier.

Making sure that your packing station is efficient, and that you have a designated space for shipping is important to any fulfilment business. This way you don't have to run all over the place, you can keep track of your stock and pack from the same place where your stock is being stored - freeing up your spare room or garage at home.


There are numerous benefits from running a business from a self storage unit. It gives you a nice amount of flexibility and freedom, for example that you can access business stuff outside of office hours, and give your customers that extra bit of flexibility, and responsiveness that they expect and deserve.

It is important that you can trust that your business supplies will be kept safe from harm and from the elements. A high security storage unit is not only essential to make sure that your business items costing thousands of pounds to replace are safeguarded, but that your invoices and other confidential documents and papers that need storing are protected and kept safe and secure.

The fact that you can access the unit at any time of day or night – it’s yours 24/7,  means that if you wanted to, or needed to stay up all night because you received a number of subscription box orders in one go, you could!

Self storage has come a long way and it isn’t the dark, damp container storage that operated from 9-5 (if you were lucky) that you might remember from years ago. Self storage is now a business must have for many entrepreneurs and small businesses, and many self storage companies will go the extra mile to ensure that your own business is a success, offering numerous solutions to business problems you never thought you would be able to solve by yourself.

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