Electronic Shelf Labels - 4 Advantages You Never Knew About

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February 9, 2024

The retail sector has become a lot more evolved than before. The widespread use of technologies such as state-of-the-art point-of-sale hardware and software combinations, digital shelves, electronic labels, and the like have made grocery shopping so much easier for the consumer. The following section talks about a few advantages of electronic shelf labels. Let's have a look:

Key Takeaways on the Advantages of Electronic Shelf Labels:

  • Real-Time Display for Consumers: Electronic shelf labels provide secure, dependable, and current information, enhancing price management control for sales managers and ensuring compliance with display labeling and price accuracy rules.
  • Saves You a Lot of Time: Digital labels significantly reduce handling and labeling time for employees and store managers, leading to increased efficiency and profitability by allowing staff to focus more on sales activities.
  • Higher Degree of Traceability: Electronic labeling offers comprehensive product traceability, including origin, perishability, rental rates, consignment status, and usage information, aiding inventory management and facilitating faster purchase decisions for customers.
  • Standardisation of Information: Electronic labels enable centralised control of information through cloud-based systems, allowing uniform price management across multiple store branches and enhancing the store's reputation among customers.
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1. Real-Time Display For Consumers

The consumer stands to benefit a lot from these displays because the information displayed on these labels is secure, dependable, and current. The same information is highly beneficial for sales managers because it gives them higher control over price management. The display can be controlled by the product type, shelf type, and the location of the electronic label. The prices can be updated very easily during peak seasons and discount sales. Any display labeling and price accuracy rules that you might have can be complied with more accurately.

2. Saves You A Lot Of Time

How can these electronic labels save you more time? Your employee time is what matters to your departmental store. If you are an owner/retailer, these digital labels reduce the handling and labeling time for your employees and store managers. Shorter management times translate into more efficiency and higher profitability in the long run. Your employees will spend less time on these repetitive and redundant tasks and more time making sales.

3. Higher Degree Of Traceability

Product traceability is something that every retailer is going to value. Electronic labeling can help you with that. If you invest in something like SES-imagotag's shelf labels, you are sorted that your consumers will have enough essential information right there on the display and you will have ample knowledge about your products to help you with inventory management. Product traceability has the following components:

  • Origin of the product or item
  • Perishability or expiry dates
  • Rental rates and conditions
  • Critical information about the consignment status of the item
  • Whether used or reconditioned
  • Final sale indication
  • Information regarding weight, size, and directions of use

Needless to mention these electronic labels also help your customers make the purchase decision faster by giving them enough information about the suitability of the product.

4. Standardisation Of Information

Electronic labels come with a very obvious advantage that a lot of people forget about. These digital labels can be controlled with cloud-based systems and state-of-the-art software. The same information can be distributed across multiple branches of your departmental store at the same time. It keeps all the employees of every branch in the loop. If there is a price cut in one region, the same can be implemented across the country without any hassle. This centralised flow of information results in uniform price management across your entire network of stores. It also reflects positively on your reputation among your customers.


Your customers are all for technology. They are going to favor anything that makes their shopping easier. These labels do not just ensure better time management but also inventory management, error reduction, a higher degree of customer satisfaction, and better customer experience.

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