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November 10, 2022

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As a 25-year entrepreneur, business coach, keynote speaker & author, Todd has made it his WHY to Improve Lives, by teaching, guiding & empowering entrepreneur’s, CEO’s and leaders on how to take the complex and make it simple regarding human capital. He guides them to adopt a growth mindset along while teaching them the necessary business skillset’s, to create a business & life by design.

Todd Palmer knows that growth happens only when we lean into the uncomfortable - and he knows from personal experience: Todd went from being a struggling entrepreneur with $600,000 in debt to making the INC 5000 (a record total of 6 times!) as one of America’s fastest-growing companies.

What we will be discussing today:

  • From Suck to Success: How this new book helps you figure out your mindset in order to design your Ultimate Life.
  • Ditch your comfort zone: growth through authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability
  • 5 keys to winning the battle for talent (and why employees are the #1 differentiator in your business)
  • The parallels between the entrepreneurial mindset and a 12-step recovery program
  • Fail Forward Leadership: the 4-step formula that successful leaders use to turn their “failures” into catalysts for success
  • Why storytelling is a crucial first step whenever Todd meets a new coaching client

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Robin Waite · #86 - From Suck to Success - Todd Palmer

From Suck to Success

In episode 86 of the Fearless Business podcast, Robin chats to Todd Palmer, an entrepreneur, business coach, keynote speaker and author. Todd has made it his WHY to improve lives by teaching, guiding and empowering entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders on how to take the complex and make it simple regarding human capital. He guides them to adopt a growth mindset along with teaching them the necessary business skills to create a business and life by design.

Success and struggle in business

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Todd’s business journey began before the global marketplace really took off thanks to the internet. What originally started with phone books and face-to-face networking, the world now looks a lot different. With the internet and the ever-increasing number of online resources and platforms, there is ten times the number of businesses out there now and the number is constantly growing. The global marketplace means that it is harder to be found, and it is noticeable that some businesses succeed, while others struggle.

What reasons are there for this? Todd suggests that there is a bottleneck in every business, and more than often, that bottleneck is us. Mindset plays a big part. When something challenging comes up, it feels like it is happening to us or against us. This negative mindset leads to further struggles. By having a positive, growth mindset, turn those challenges into the belief that something is happening for us. These are opportunities to explore different options, learn, and pivot your business to suit the current market.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

The reason why people struggle to try something new is through fear of ditching your comfort zone. You want to see a different result, yet do the same practices over and over again. It could be that there is an element of impostor syndrome at play. You feel like you aren’t good enough or the world is against you. It is important to recognise these feelings, so you can work to overcome them. Vulnerability and transparency are part of the process, and it is normal if you need time to grieve when letting go of past habits. Through doing this though, you can embrace the new you. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes, a new pattern, and a mindset shift can make a world of difference.

Failures are not final

Todd says one of the reasons why people are afraid to try something new is down to fear of failure. However, failure is not final. It does not have to be some big tragic ending to something. When you make a mistake, use that as a learning journey, or ‘fail forward’. It is your opportunity to learn, research, and refine something until it does work. The whole process of doing that is beneficial in itself.

Imagine you, the business owner, as a hero in a story. Every hero’s journey involves an uncomfortable period. It is those moments of discomfort where the growth happens though and there is this active learning cycle at the end of the chapter.

Winning the battle for talent - hiring and finding the right people

When it comes to success, people make a difference in your business. From both an employee and customer side, but also yourself, people are the differentiator. You want your business to have a good working environment for your employees, and you also want to create a seamless customer experience. To attract proper talent into your team and your ideal clients, you need to show that you uphold your values and become the employer of choice. You need to have a clear purpose and know when to hire your next team member. Part of hiring is creating a desirable workplace because you don’t want to lose your team either.

Getting some mindset inspiration? Have a listen to the full episode now to hear about Todd’s journey into entrepreneurship and his new book From Suck to Success.

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