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February 9, 2024

Jennifer Louise is a multi-award-winning public speaker, International number 1 bestselling Author in 6 countries, Inspirational change leader, CEO of Obsessions Salon, founder of The Successful Salon Club and Co-Founder of Level Up Business Academy; both global Academy’s training salon, small and medium business owners how to get their businesses visible, fully booked and celebrating real profit growth with a committed team around them.

Having spent over 16 years as a salon owner and mentor (increasing her last clients business by over 209%), Jennifer has worked with many businesses to develop clarity around who a business is and who they serve using a strong social media strategy to get the message out, turning entire teams into mini armies of marketers and pushing their brands further than ever before to get all tills ringing.

Jennifer has built two very successful businesses one in just 30 days using Instagram strategies to grow her client list. Now she’s on a mission to show 10 million business owners around the world how they can do it too.

Key Takeaways on Getting into ClubHouse:

  • Getting onto Clubhouse: Jennifer Morley discusses the importance of Clubhouse for networking and business growth, emphasising strategic use for adding value and learning.
  • Why is Clubhouse so Popular?: Clubhouse's popularity stems from its ability to facilitate organic conversations and networking opportunities from home, catering to both speakers and listeners.
  • How to Use Clubhouse from a Business Perspective: Effective Clubhouse strategy involves adding value, learning, and adapting usage to audience availability, with a focus on education and strategic content sharing.
  • Is Clubhouse Worth It and Has It Found Its Place?: Clubhouse is viewed as a valuable platform for reaching ideal clients and providing content that meets their needs, distinguishing itself from other social media with its unique offerings.
  • Raising Prices in Your Business and Finding Your Ideal Client: Jennifer shares insights on business growth through strategic pricing and the importance of identifying and catering to ideal clients for mutual benefit.
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What we will be discussing today

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  • Clubhouse

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Getting Onto Clubhouse

Jennifer Morley is Robin’s latest guest on the Fearless Business podcast. She is a successful public speaker, author and entrepreneur. Jennifer is the CEO of Obsessions Salon, founder of The Successful Salon Club and Co-Founder of Level Up Business Academy. Having spent over 16 years as a salon owner and business mentor, Jennifer helps businesses to gain clarity, develop strong social media strategies and become visible, so that they become fully booked and celebrate real profit growth. She chats to Robin about the popular new platform, Clubhouse and the realities of running a business.

Why is Clubhouse so popular?

Clubhouse has provided a platform to network with other business owners and people within your industry. During lockdown, this has given people a chance to hold organic conversations with others, while also being able to do that from your own home. Depending on the type of person you are, Clubhouse has a place for you. If you are more confident and enjoy public speaking, then there is the opportunity to do that, but likewise, you can also listen to others too.

How to use Clubhouse from a business perspective

Like any new app, when you first discover it, you get hooked and want to spend every hour on it. This leads you to put off other tasks in your business and fear of FOMO when you do switch off. In Jennifer’s case, she decided to treat Clubhouse like any other business area and be strategic. She goes on the app to add value and to listen to something which she will learn from. It’s really important to get that mapped out.

Jennifer’s business helps salons who are struggling to know how to run their business and market themselves effectively. Her Clubhouse strategy initially involved hosting a Clubhouse room for an hour at midday every day and giving value around a certain topic to her audience and remembering to repurpose some of the content for other social media such as Instagram.

The timing matters too. Now that lockdown has eased, Jennifer now hosts rooms on Wednesday evenings because she knows this is when her audience will be able to listen as they are back at work during the day.

Education is a big part of Clubhouse. How you use your time and what you want your room to be matter. It is more than just sharing business and marketing hacks. You want to give your audience something to take away and work on. Give yourself time to work on your strategy. What do you want to teach? Are you talking about anything and everything or focusing on the content which is within your business, coaching, courses and so on. It might be that secondary rooms are an option for you if you want to get more clarity and distinction.

Is Clubhouse worth it and has it found its place?

From Jennifer’s perspective, Clubhouse is a platform you need to be involved with. The chance to open up a room, reach your ideal clients and discover what they really want to know from you, so you can create that content and provide them with value is an opportunity not to be missed.

Although there are features being added to other social media such as Twitter Spaces, Jennifer believes Clubhouse has secured its place in the market and doesn’t come with the same noise and negativity as other social media platforms.

Raising prices in your business and finding your ideal client

Through her salon experience, Jennifer realised that she was doing the work in the business, but not on the business, which led her to begin her salon business coaching journey and saw her own salon grow, despite the financial crisis of 2008 at the time.

What helped her growth was realising that businesses were performing as if suddenly no one had any money, which was not true. Through increasing their prices, Jennifer’s business grew dramatically because there were people who still had money. Since the financial crisis, she now increases her prices every year which represents her business’ value.

Putting prices up is not about being greedy, but about making business decisions based on facts and not emotional attachments.

If you do get people not happy with your pricing, then it is a sign that they are not the right clients for you. Your ideal client wants to buy into your business and help you grow because they know they will benefit from working with you.

If a client is not a good fit for you, you need to be willing to walk away from that, which comes back to not letting emotions affect you from making bad decisions for your business.When a client is not right for you, but you carry on working with them anyway, this brings bad energy to you and your business. Defining your ideal client and looking out for them is a form of self-love.

Are you already on Clubhouse? Are you interested in trying it for your business? Head over to the podcast and listen to more of Robin and Jennifer’s discussion.


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