Giving Your Business The Edge Online

Giving Your Business The Edge Online - Website and Social Media
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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When it comes to your business, you need to be able to get to the point where you are confident in your presence online. These days a business can’t survive without some from of online presence. As a consumer you just have to think about your own actions when it comes to using the internet. You may shop online, check our reviews and seek advice, you may do this daily, even hourly. So as a business, how can you have the edge online? Here are some suggestions.

Your main website

Your website is one of the biggest assets you have online. Just as a shop used to be an asset in years gone by, this is your online shop front. You can set out your store in any way you see fit, but you must ensure that your website is functional and easy to use. While still holding all of the relevant information necessary for your customer or client to do business with you. There are things such as a URL Mapping Tool that can help with you migration between an older site and your new site. SEO which can help you be seen online through search engines, which happens to be one of the biggest ways that we seek out information these days. You will also want to ensure that you website is easy to use, loads up quickly, and has all of the right information. People can easily get bored and move on to another site if they feel your website isn’t giving them what they want and need.

Your social media presence

Alongside your website, there will be profiles that you have on many different social media platforms. The main ones being used today for business would be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your presence on these platforms can be just as important as your website. They are an advertising tool to drive traffic to your site, and to ultimately turn those visits into sales. So what you share is important, as well as how often and consistent you are with it. The social media presence can help you build up your brand online, and it can certainly be one of the cheap eats and most effective ways to advertise your business and products. Especially as now you can use the advertising tools within the platforms to be specific with demographics and your target audience for your advertising needs.

Using your customer base effectively

Your customers can still help you gain an edge online. Much as word of mouth is one of those amazing advertising opportunities that money can’t buy, so is the feedback you can get that can be used on your website and showcased online. Feedback forms are a great way to get this. You can also look at your customer base and use their emails to actually send out regular offers and updates, with the permission to use it, of course. This can also be a sales tool online that perhaps isn’t utilised as much as it could be.

Let’s hope these suggestions give your business the edge online.

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