Holographic Packaging What it is & How it's Made?

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February 27, 2024

Holographic Packaging What it is & How it's Made?

Holographic packaging could play a major role in making your product stand distinctive in the competitive marketplace. It could become an incredible tool for getting success through eye-catching designs and amazing finishing methods. It is an amazing way of making the customers attentive towards your product without making any compromise on the quality of packaging materials. It makes your products tamper-proof and keeps them safe from any sort of replication.

Key Takeaways on Holographic Packaging

  1. Distinctive Branding: Holographic packaging provides a unique and distinctive appearance, making your product stand out in a competitive market. It's a powerful tool for creating eye-catching designs.
  2. Tamper-Proof Security: Widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, holographic packaging offers tamper-proof security features, safeguarding your products and brand reputation from duplication.
  3. Production Process: The holographic paper is created through embossing, metallization with aluminium foil, and a final lacquer coating. This process ensures a three-dimensional outlook and a metallic effect.
  4. Customization for Recognition: Utilising holographic paper, custom holographic boxes are produced, giving your brand recognition and making your product easily identifiable on retail shelves.
  5. Versatile Industry Applications: Holographic packaging is not limited to specific industries; it is highly effective for cosmetics, fashion, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more, providing an extra layer of protection against counterfeiting.
  6. Eco-Friendly Option: Holographic packaging can be environmentally friendly, with little metal transfers on eco-friendly paper, making it a sustainable choice and appealing to nature-conscious customers.
  7. 3D Effect with UV Radiation: The holographic packaging creates a captivating 3D effect under ultraviolet radiation, enhancing the visual appeal of the product and offering a unique promotional opportunity.
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What is Holographic Packaging?

A product with holographic packaging with great branding

Holographic packaging is an impressive technique of using holograms in the production of labels, stickers, or wrappers to create a three-dimensional outlook with the use of two-dimensional images. It makes your products visually attractive and keeps the potential buyers hooked on your product to earn a competitive advantage in the market.

Holographic packaging is mostly used in the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industries as it holds amazing security features to avoid tampering. The addition of a hologram efficiently protects your brand reputation and keeps the customers away from duplicitous or fake products.

How was the Holographic Paper made?

Holographic packaging holds the following process of production:

The first step is the formation of an embossed design on the surface of the paper. This could be a brand name, logo, any type of artwork design, or a pattern. The process of embossing alters the paper surface from being smooth to uplifted, essential for the creation of light diffraction after the metallization process.

During the metallization process, a thin layer of aluminium foil is applied on the embossed surface of the paper. The thickness of the paper ranges between 20-30 nanometers to create a metallic effect as it comes in contact with the light. The embossed surface with a metallic layer gives effect to the design.

The lacquer coating is then applied to efficiently seal the metallic layer, ultimately completing the holographic paper production procedure.

How is Holographic Packaging Made?

The holographic paper is then used in the production of custom holographic boxes to give your brand incredible recognition in the market. Such type of packaging makes your product stand out on the shelves of retail stores. The attractive packaging helps the customers effortlessly identify the product, supporting the brand to achieve its marketing goals.

Holographic packaging could be customised in any shape, size, or style depending upon the brand requirements. This is mostly used to give the products a luxurious outlook and earn a great reputation for the brand among the target audience.

For What Industry Can We Use These Boxes?

Holographic packaging is best known for protecting your products from any type of tampering and fraudulent activities. This type of packaging works as proof of product authenticity, keeping it safe from replication. The holograms are mostly used to keep the branded items safe from counterfeiting. Cosmetics, fashion, pharmaceuticals, electronics, mobile phones, and many other industries are using holograms to ensure an extra layer of protection and offer buyers the required peace of mind.

Is this Packaging Eco Friendly & Safe for the Environment?

Holographic packaging gives your products sustainable beauty. The use of little metal transfers on the paperboard makes it a renewable alternative, best to create holographic packaging. The use of stunning designs embossed under the metallic designs on eco-friendly paper makes it a safe option for the environment. This catches the attention of nature-conscious customers and enhances your customer base.  

How can the Holographic Create a 3D Effect on the Boxes?

Holographic packaging boosts your product’s presence in the competitive market with a 3D effect when it comes in contact with ultraviolet radiation. The packaging is designed using 2D images, logos, artwork design, and other elements to augment the visual appeal of the product. The holographic packaging allows brands to take a break from marketing activities and invest in customised boxes to achieve promotional goals.

Where Can We Get These Boxes?

Holographic packaging is quite durable, making it the best choice for brands aspiring to give their product a sturdy outlook. The brands could get the holographic packaging at quite an impressive price, without getting worried about its fading. This is an ideal packaging solution for displaying your products on retail store shelves, therefore the brands should order holographic boxes in bulk quantity to enjoy great discounts from the packaging manufacturers. The product-oriented company can now print on holographic cardstock to make the product fascinating for potential buyers. World-renowned fast-food brands are now using holograms for French fries packaging to improve their profitability ratios.

Final Thoughts

The advancements in the packaging industry are compelling the brands to focus on holographic packaging to hold a luxurious appearance in a row full of rivals. Various leading packaging companies are offering holographic boxes to fulfil the brand requirements. The brands could now get in touch with the packaging manufacturers to discuss their set of specifications and get the holographic packaging designed in a fast turnaround time. Good Luck!

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