How Can Branded Merchandise Amplify Your Business?

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August 2, 2023

Branded merchandise helps companies cut through the clutter of modern media and reach their audiences from a different angle. It can help increase brand awareness, loyalty and perception among customers, employees and others. Learn more about branded merchandise and how it can improve your business here.

Key Takeaways on Branded Merchandise for Business Marketing:

  1. ncrease Brand Recognition: When people wear or use items with your logo, they become walking advertisements, exposing your brand to various locations and audiences.
  2. Create Loyalty and Emotional Connection: Customers tend to feel a stronger connection with brands they can physically interact with. High-quality branded merchandise can leave a positive impression, enhancing customer loyalty and referrals.
  3. Establish Your Brand Identity: The type of branded merchandise you choose can reflect your company culture and philosophy. For example, a financial company might distribute luxury pens to reflect professionalism, while an eco-friendly supermarket could offer reusable shopping bags.
  4. Promote Other Events, Products, or Services: Branded merchandise can also be used to advertise upcoming events, product releases, or new services. For instance, a music venue might distribute promotional t-shirts with future event dates.
  5. Brand Merchandise Ideas: The options for promotional products are vast, from clothing items like t-shirts and jackets to everyday items like water bottles, coffee cups, and tote bags. The key is to choose items that align with your brand identity and the products or services you wish to promote.

In summary, high-quality, usable branded merchandise can be a highly effective marketing tool, fostering customer loyalty, enhancing brand recognition, and promoting events or new services.

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What Is Branded Merchandise?

Branded merchandise is also known as promotional merchandise. These promotional materials may include clothing, office supplies, electronics and other items branded with the company name, logo or motto. A piece of branded merchandise can be small or large, inexpensive or over-the-top.

Many companies use branded merchandise as giveaways at trade shows, employee gifts, uniforms, samples for influencers or freebies for loyal customers.

Using Branded Merchandise to Improve Business

Promotional products offer numerous benefits to companies of all sizes. The following are a few reasons to consider branded swag for your customers, employees and others:

Increase Brand Recognition

One person wearing a hat or t-shirt with your logo on it carries your brand to the workplace, the gym, the supermarket and wherever they travel throughout the day.

In one day, your brand name, logo or motto can reach hundreds of people. The more branded products you have in circulation, the more people you reach.

Create Loyalty and Emotional Connection

Customers like to have an emotional connection with the brands they support. This emotional connection can create loyal customers who return frequently and refer your products or services to others. A recent study showed the amount of money repeat customers spend increases as their loyalty grows.

First impressions matter. Providing customers, potential customers and employees with high-quality branded merchandise leaves a positive impression and proves that you care about them. Twenty-five percent of consumers state their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product.

Establish Your Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is essential to increasing popularity. The promotional products you give away represent your company culture.

A financial company wanting to display professionalism and expertise may gift a luxury branded pen or planner. A supermarket may establish a caring, eco friendly identity by offering new customers reusable shopping bags. 

The products you choose should highlight your company’s philosophy and personality. This is a significant part of what sets you apart from the competition.

Promote Other Events, Products or Services

Many companies use branded items to promote upcoming events, product releases or new services. A music venue may sell or gift promotional t-shirts, koozies or drinkware displaying future event dates on one side. The shirt or other product advertises the venue and future events everywhere it goes.

Brand Merchandise Ideas

The sky's the limit when choosing promotional products. T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and other clothing items are popular because they serve as walking brand advertisements. Water bottles, to-go coffee cups and tote bags are other items people carry everywhere. The promotional products you choose will vary based on your brand identity and the products or services you wish to promote.

Branded merchandise can transform your company through superior customer loyalty, brand recognition and more. Choose high-quality, usable products, and you'll enjoy one of the most effective and underrated marketing tools available.

HALO is the global leader in branded merchandise, uniform programs, and recognition and incentive solutions. We partner with our clients to break through the clutter of our media saturated world and connect their brands to customers, employees and other audiences critical to their success.

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