How Can Solicitors Help With Business Immigration?

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June 5, 2024

When the UK opted to leave the European Union, it switched its immigration system to a points-based system, similar to Australia and Canada. As a result, this has led to many businesses tackling significant challenges ensuring that foreign nationals that currently work for them or want to work for them have the correct work documentation and visas.

Businesses need to be able to continue recruiting highly skilled and available talent from around the world to tackle skill gaps in their industry.

This article will highlight how a solicitor can help you with business immigration.

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How do Solicitors Help You With Business Immigration?

Expert solicitors can offer services and advice regarding business immigration in several ways. Like KingsGuard solicitors, their in-depth understanding of immigration laws can guide businesses through the complexities of obtaining sponsorship licenses, ensuring compliance with ongoing obligations, and navigating corporate transactions. They provide tailored solutions to identify the right visa for your needs, mitigate risks, and implement necessary work checks and obligations, safeguarding your business from potential legal consequences.

Sponsorship Licenses

Immigration solicitors can help you apply for and obtain a sponsorship licence, which you can use to employ immigrants to work for your business.

Ongoing Obligations

As an employer of immigrants, you have certain obligations and responsibilities. Immigration solicitors help you meet your responsibilities as a sponsor and keep up your end of the bargain.

Complying with Immigration Rules

Understanding the new immigration rules can be tricky, especially with many other aspects of your business to oversee. Solicitors will advise you on complying with immigration rules and handle changes that result from sponsors' corporate structure changes, such as a change of ownership, acquisition, or merger.

Corporate Transactions

Solicitors also offer advice on conducting immigration due diligence on corporate transactions. Unfortunately, there are still some people who would happily capitalize on your goodwill, and solicitors make sure that your corporate transactions are legal and secure.

Finding the Right Visa

With so many different visas to choose from, it can be tricky to identify which one is the right one for your needs. As experts in this department, solicitors can guide you to find the appropriate visa for your business.

Risk Mitigation

Immigration solicitors also offer workforce planning and risk mitigation guidance, giving you the best chance of executing the most cost-effective and productive options on offer.

Work Checks and Obligations

The right solicitors will advise on implementing the right work checks and adhering to the necessary obligations. Immigration solicitors ensure that you implement the right work checks to ensure that anyone you want to hire for your business meets the necessary requirements.

What to Look for in Your Immigration Solicitors

When choosing immigration solicitors to partner with, it is essential to consider several important factors. For starters, you want to work with a team packed with qualified specialists who understand the current business immigration laws like the back of their hands. Within the team, there should be a combination of business immigration and employment law experts who work together closely to offer the most integrated and cost-efficient approach to ensure your business remains as profitable as possible.

Your chosen immigration solicitors should attempt to make your life as simple as possible by treating your situation completely uniquely and offering you guidance on a route, type of sponsorship license, and visa that meets your particular requirements rather than a generic approach.

If businesses do not comply with the UK business immigration laws, they can face significant criminal and civil penalties, which will have a major and long-lasting impact on that business's ability to acquire and maintain a sponsorship license. It will significantly restrict their ability to recruit skilled workers from the global talent pool, harming growth and profits.

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