How Companies Can Boost eCommerce Sales in 2020

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March 10, 2023

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

Most businesses have launched complaints of 2020 being a rough year for their sales. How do you keep your e-commerce sales high despite all these complaints, how do you attract and retain your customers who are probably trapped by the lock down measures and economic downgrade? The best firms across the country are adapting in these adverse times with innovative strategies to maintain their customer base and mitigate revenue losses.

Leverage social media

In our current world, the digital marketplace stretches across industries ranging from education, leisure, business, and even getting together. As a business looking forward to boosting their e-commerce sales, social media is the way to go. Relying on the company website or an app will not deliver the sales forecast you have for your business. So how can you use social media to attract more sales and boost the levels of sales you are currently doing?

Have you ever heard of this concept of customer retention and after-sales services? Use Facebook pages to keep in touch with your customers. Listen to their opinions on Twitter and engage them in the best way possible. Go to Instagram and give them the best advice on what you can offer them. Social media helps you manage your online sales and listen to customer needs. How can you do this correctly?

Create a Facebook community to serve the needs of your customers. In this community, you will be able to notice the new customers, orient them through your products, and push them to purchase your products. Always remind your customers of your products so that they do not think of a new alternative to your product.

Explore New Media Channels

Even e-commerce businesses must advertise their products. Advertising serves three primary purposes of your e-commerce sales. First, it reminds your customers that you are the ideal provider of their products.

Secondly, it attracts new customers who are not aware of your products and your existence, and finally, it helps you stay ahead of your competitors who are also advertising. I would advise that you advertise widely and wildly. What do I mean? Advertise using more than one medium; you can use social media to get new customers, put posters on public gatherings, schools, bars, and restaurants, use television and radio adverts, and ensure that you touch everyone. When advertising wildly, ensure you communicate strong and the right message.

A wrong message will drive away your customers; weak advert will not get you the sales. Go for a catchy, attractive advert and ensure the adverts target particular market segments. You can formulate adverts for teens, elderly, male, etc.

Make your site Mobile friendly.

Do you experience a high rate of abandoned carts? How many customers visit your site, but do not end up ordering an item? How easy is it for customers to order products on their computers than on their phones?

How many orders are generated from either phones or computers? Answering all these questions will inform you of the challenges users have with your site or an app. If more orders are coming in from desktops than phones, then it shows that there is a problem with your website when used on the phone.

Maybe the site is not compatible with most phones; the site is unresponsive when placing an order or does not work entirely on the phone. Develop your website to work effectively on phones since most customers will prefer ordering items on their phones. For phone customers, develop an app that is compatible with their Android and iPhone.

Make the site very friendly and responsive. Soon you will realize that the orders for phones are rising exponentially and overtaking desktop orders.

Excellent customer services

Customer services are the best strategy to retain your customers. Excellent customer services will help sell your products through customer referrals. An e-commerce platform, how do you offer excellent customer services?

The first step is delivery; ensure the customer goods arrive on time with WISMO tracking software or similar software that allows you to track your parcels. If your competitors are delivering in 2 days, why don’t you deliver in one day or a half days? You shall have created a reputation for fast and efficient delivery, and many customers will switch to you. What happens when a customer is not pleased with whatever they have ordered?

Offer to replace it with another one so that your customer is satisfied. Handle your customer’s complaints diligently and promptly. Occasionally offer loyal customers free delivery, regardless of their locations.


Customers are the greatest asset for an e-commerce platform; therefore, you must handle them diligently and deliver more than they expected. Customer retention and attraction are necessary for an online platform, and leveraging social media, advertising, and up-selling your product will ensure you retain them and attract more. There are more strategies to boost your sales online, but always remember to put your customer first, exceed their needs and expectations.

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