How Freelancers Get Paid

January 30, 2019

How Freelancers Get Paid - PayPal, Square and Stripe
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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A reliable way a freelancer can pretty much guarantee payment is by using a few trusty payment methods.

Whether you're tech-savvy or old school there is a way that will work for you. And if you're unsure about how to get paid (more) for your freelancing work check out my article on business coaching for freelancers.

Go Contactless

Go Contactless is an electronic way used to complete transactions and transfer of money in less time. Freelancers can easily take advantage of this opportunity and can get their payments through Go Contactless.

When you will make an account, the money will be transferred directly to your bank account when the transaction is processed.

It's as EASY as that!!!


There are a number of freelancers that use this method to get paid and that is why this method is very common.

You just need to make an account!

When your project is complete, your clients can pay instantly by again using electronic means.

This is the fastest way of getting a reward for your hard work. There is no difficult procedure that you should follow. When the money will appear in your PayPal account, you can easily transfer it to your savings account to make transactions. When you adopt this procedure, it will take minimum one day. The alternative way is to use the PayPal credit card. Through this credit card, you can instantly get your money.

Square Cash

Much like the PayPal, Square Cash is also the electronic way that freelancers can easily use to get the payments of their online project.

Using this method, you don’t need to transfer your money to your bank account; it will automatically appear into your checking account. This process takes only one day to transfer the money to the account. You should also pay fewer fees if you use this way to get paid. This online payment is also free if you want to transfer money between only two persons. If you want to take the advantages of Square cash, you don’t need to download an app. You can directly get the services by seeing the official website.


Receiving checks is one of the best and the easiest way for the freelancers to get paid. The advantage of this method is that while depositing a check at your bank, you don’t need to give any fee. And because of this reason, this method is preferable than others. Using a check can also have some disadvantages like the process is time-consuming. If you need to have payments instantly, try to choose another electronic way to get paid because checks will take time to reach you.

These all are the ways that are used by the freelancers to get paid for the projects that they have done. Hopefully, this information is helpful for you because by reading this you will have knowledge of multiple methods to get paid as a freelancer.

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