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March 13, 2023

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

When you’re new in the world of business and are just starting out with your groundbreaking idea, having someone to steer you in the right direction towards success and an audience that’ll grow with you and support you is important. And that’s where amazing people like Robin Waite come in handy. A business marketer for 12 years, Robin has since evolved from the world of website design and, for the past 2 years, has generated an amazing career as a business coach!

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As a guest on my show this week, Robin and I talk about his shift in career, how to get started with him if you’re an interested client, and what he thinks the world of business and marketing could be doing differently in the long run. Additionally, we get to talking about his new and amazing book—Take Your Shot: How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money. Let’s get started!


  • How Robin got started in the world of business! For 12 years, he ran a creative agency for marketing, branding, and web design. Recently, however, Robin went through what he calls a midlife crisis, which prompted him to close his agency and turn towards the process of building businesses. He hasn’t looked back since, and today works mostly with client businesses and service-based businesses to get them off the ground!
  • Robin talks to me about his book, Take Your Shot: How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money. The book is about how he went through coaching his first client, who was a major part of changing the landscape in the work he does now. The main issue revolves around his client not offering an outcome, or a payoff, for the services they were offering, and Robin goes through the explanation of how to get your value proposition in line when starting your business model in his book.
  • Robin tells us how he obtains his clients! He states that a lot of them come through word of mouth referrals, but since he’s always on the content marketing wagon, he’ll get people to meet him through various growth hack methods on social media! When people do want to collaborate with him, the first thing he’ll do is have them fill out an assessment form—this way, he can weed out people who aren’t ready for the step of hiring a business coach, and can find the perfect fit for his coaching style. Additionally, Robin does a lot of podcast interviews, and speaking engagements, in order to consistently push out content to audiences that can generate warm inbound leads.
  • But, how does Robin get these leads? Well, he tells me about a process he uses called the video content ecosystem! This can be used by anyone who uses video as a medium to reach their audience—say you produce a Facebook live stream for your Facebook fans. When the video is completed, you can download that video and upload it to YouTube, giving you another edge up against the rest. Additionally, Robin likes to use a website called, that offers transcript services (done by humans) for a reasonable price! From there, you can use the written content based on your initial video for blogging pieces, as well as pieces for social media and your website!
  • Robin talks to me about the “Magical Marketing Mystery Machine”, which is a common idea that most people who work in the digital marketing space believe in. With the field being more crowded and popular than ever, it’s harder to be found in the mass of crowds. Because of this, Robin likes to deliver 3 times the amount of value you want to get back in what he offers. Additionally, Robin urges small businesses owners to stay away from email marketing—while it may work in the long run for big name brands, it doesn’t work as well for small businesses, and the sooner you can admit that the easier the process can become!


Did Robin not get to answer a burning question on your mind? No problem! You can contact Robin at this email (, or through the social media accounts listed above. Robin is an experienced man when it comes to working one on one with his clients, and by the way, he talks about his job with such passion and intrigue, you can tell he’s committed wholly to what he does. Contact him as soon as possible if you think he’s the right business coach for you!

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