How to Know When to Contact a Business Lawyer

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November 7, 2022

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

There is an endless list of threats in the fashion industry, and you need to be particularly careful if you are a small or new business. Some of these threats can include copyright (more here on copyright lawyers), defamation and so much more. There are also other circumstances to be wary of as a business owner as your sole priority should be to protect the business, your staff and clients. To save your business from dealing with the consequences of these threats and circumstances, it’s important to do enough research to aid understanding of preventative measures.

An excellent way you can protect your Utah business from issues and threats like these is to invest in a business lawyer. Business law covers such a huge spectrum of issues and experts within this industry know how to keep businesses within the fashion industry safe. Keep reading to find out when you would need to contact a business lawyer.

Hiring new staff

As a business owner within the fashion industry, you need to ensure your products and services don’t suffer as a result of limited bodies in your business. This is why you should consider hiring new staff members within your means. There is a lot of work that must go into the recruitment process; perhaps the most important part is ensuring you do it officially and legally.

We recommend that you hire a business lawyer when you are doing so as they can help you with all the ins and outs of the recruitment process. More specifically, business lawyers can help you create contracts for your staff. The fashion industry has such a competitive pool of excellent individuals ready to be employed, and you want to make sure your hiring process is up to scratch and worthy of everyone’s time. If you think it’s worth your time, consider doing some research about business law in Utah.


One common threat within the fashion industry in Utah is that of defamation. This is usually described as when someone slanders a business or an individual and therefore tarnishes their reputation. This is something to be very wary of as a business owner in this particular sector. Fashion is a very competitive industry as we have seen in the past and people are not shy in doing what they can to affect someone’s reputation. Business lawyers are useful when it comes to defamation as they provide strict guidance and representation which you’ll certainly benefit from.


Business lawyers do a fantastic job in ensuring business protection and representation in the fashion industry. Where their service might also be needed is when dealing with copyright issues. They can help you file an intellectual property claim or represent you in these circumstances. Copyright law ultimately protects an all-encompassing framework within the fashion industry – from designs to materials. Here, business lawyers are useful to consider as a small or new business, because you don’t want to risk anything while you’re getting your footing.

What steps will you take to help protect your business within the fashion industry?

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