How to Monetise Your Business Through YouTube Ads and Sponsorships?

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March 13, 2024

When you consider earning a substantial income on YouTube, podcasts might not be the first thing that comes to mind—especially with the increasing number of creators launching their own shows. However, given the current trends, why wouldn't you consider it? This format provides a unique opportunity for any niche to carve out its own space, which is quite rare!

Nevertheless, building a consistent viewership can be challenging if you're just starting out. After all, it's the most effective way to generate income through YouTube ads. However, it's important to note that around 68% of bloggers make less than $5,000 per year, and many new bloggers give up before they even see their first dollar. They probably just didn’t take full advantage of YouTube’s possibilities and didn’t pay attention to developing their own audience.

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Key Takeaways on Youtube Ads and Sponsorships

  • Diverse Monetisation Avenues: Explore various avenues to monetise your YouTube channel, such as YouTube ads, sponsorships, and other tools, offering multiple streams of income for content creators.
  • AdSense Monetisation: Leverage Google AdSense through the YouTube Partner Program to earn revenue from ads on your videos. YouTube's revenue-sharing model, offering 55% to creators, provides a significant income source.
  • Regional Content and VPN Strategy: Understand the impact of regional restrictions on ad revenue and consider creating content for different regions. Utilise VPNs to bypass location restrictions, potentially increasing royalties from more developed countries.
  • Channel Memberships for Exclusive Content: Set up channel memberships with different subscription levels, ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 per subscriber. Offer perks like exclusive content, chats, custom emojis, badges, and engage with your community through live sessions.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: Enable YouTube Premium revenue by allowing Premium subscribers to view your content. Earn additional income based on the number of Premium users watching your videos, with payments sourced from subscriber fees.
  • Product Reveal Sponsorships: Collaborate with brands for product reveal sponsorships. Showcase sponsored products along with your content, potentially receiving not only monetary compensation but also useful products.
  • Lucrative Niches for Advertising Rewards: Focus on lucrative niches such as business coaching, investing, health, online marketing, tech reviews, coding, real estate, and auto reviews for higher advertising rewards. Consider the purchasing power and problem-solving appeal of your target audience.
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How to Monetise Your Business Using YouTube Ads and Other Tools?

1. Monetisation with AdSense

YouTubers like yourself benefit from YouTube's popularity as the world's leading video-sharing platform. With over a billion users, YouTube has become a thriving ecosystem where more than 400 hours of video get uploaded every minute.

The platform monetises videos through Google AdSense, an essential part of Google's advertising network. Content creators, through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), earn revenue by running ads on their videos. What sets YPP apart is YouTube's generosity in sharing 55% of its ad revenue with creators.

From a viewer's point of view, YouTube has one feature - regional restrictions. However, many people know that they can bypass location restrictions using a VPN. A good YouTube TV VPN is enough to get the job done. Content creators can profit from this because if they make content for a different region, they can increase their royalties. YouTube pays more to display ad clicks from users in more developed countries.

2. Channel memberships

You can set a price range from $0.99 to $99.99 per subscriber for your YouTube channel. Offer different levels of membership with up to five perks. These perks include exclusive content, chats, custom emojis, and badges.

As a member, you get access to:

  • Community posts: Share special content like text, polls, videos, and images exclusively with your subscribers to enhance the value of their membership.
  • Member-only videos: Create and promote videos that provide insider tips, outtakes, or extra footage from your public content.
  • Livestreams: Engage with your community through live sessions on YouTube. You can choose to interact directly with all your paid subscribers.
  • Milestone chats: Recognise and highlight one loyal subscriber each month during a live chat to celebrate their membership duration.
  • Live chat: Have private conversations with your paid subscribers during public livestreams. These chats are exclusively visible to members.

3. YouTube Premium revenue

One of the simplest methods for earning additional cash from YouTube is by enabling the feature and generating income each time a Premium subscriber views your content. The amount, which fluctuates monthly, is determined by the number of Premium users who watch your videos. The payment is sourced from subscriber fees.

4. Reveal Products

YouTube creators in the fashion vertical commonly use this type of mention. The clothing items they bring back from their latest shopping trip are shown by the channel host, who talks about those items along with the sponsored product. You can even take foreign products, as many brands want to expand their influence into other markets. Try installing an online free VPN and visiting foreign sites where companies order advertising. You can not only earn money but also receive a useful product that will remain with you.

Which Niches Reward the Highest Advertising Rewards on YouTube Ads?

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To generate revenue from your videos on YouTube, various factors come into play. The number of views target demographic, audience age, ad frequency, and video topic all contribute. On social media platforms, advertisers must bid specific amounts to advertise, and the more profitable a niche is, the higher the bid, resulting in higher payouts for content creators.

If your goal is channel growth, focus on the following lucrative topics: business, investing, health, online marketing, tech reviews, coding, real estate, and auto reviews. These topics may not be the most entertaining but attract individuals with greater purchasing power seeking solutions to their problems. Consider your desired audience when planning your video content.


These are the main sources of monetisation for your YouTube channel, although there are others. You can also stream, organise training courses, make videos for sponsors, etc. It all depends on the format of your channel. There is no need to chase after all sources of income; it is better to organise several of them well.

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